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  1. I had a 70% glycolic acid peel about two months ago and noticed a reduction in my superficial scarring. I didn't like the fact that it made me so red for two days though. Could a 70% Lactic Acid peel stimulate the same degree of collagen production and give results comparable to the Glycolic peel?
  2. portlandboy: He's been in practice for 18 years. Looks like he's in his late forty's early fifty's, but not sure. amnesiac: I didn't ask him the pricing, because he couldn't see anything that could be improved upon. You see I do have body dysmorphic disorder which I have been actively treating with therapy/medication but I'm still having trouble. I see scars that others have trouble seeing. He was keen enough to pick up on my problem. I still see scars though. If you have any questions though,
  3. I had a consultation today with a Dermatologist in south florida(boca raton) who studied dermabrasion under Dr Yarborough. He said he was one of the last few dr's doing dermabrasion in florida. He said he found it interesting how those dr's doing dermabrasion who were seeing the best results are dr yarborough and those that studied under dr. Y.
  4. Apple cider vinegar. Do a search and find the thread started by Maya(third one down).
  5. Does mederma inhibit collagen formation? I'm asking because I'm using during the day and tazorac at night. Tazorac stimulates collagen production and I don't want to be using a product that counteracts the process.
  6. Thank you, Tamara! Anyone else with suggestions?
  7. can it cause further scarring?
  8. I have three slightly elevated areas of skin(post-acne) that are bothering me to no end. They've been there for about two months. I was thinking about asking the derm about cortisone injections. Do cortisone injections carry a risk? Thanks
  9. Can dermabrasion be used to treat slightly elevated scars?
  10. Has anyone here had just a small area of their face dermabraded? How were the results?
  11. Which company did you purchase the glycolic from? I'd like to try this.
  12. Do you guys think that having olive skin will present a problem for me? Cassandra told me that my skin type has the tendency to hyperpigment, though there are ways to stop and reverse it if it starts to happen.
  13. I guess my biggest concern is hyperpigmentation beause I am olive skinned. I understand that hyperpig would still be a possible side effect with a partial dermabrasion, but a small area of hyperpig is easier to treat than a larger one, logically. I have an appointment for a consult on Sept. 9. I'll be flying in from Miami. The procedure is scheduled for Sept. 20.
  14. Right, but superficial peels or even medium-depth peels are not going to reproduce the results of the dermabrasion, and the surrounding skin still will not blend in very well with the abraded area.