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  1. Hey Just thought I'd post because I see you mentioned in another post that you are 21 and at uni and acne is ruining your life etc...I felt compelled to comment on your post because i'm 20, a final year uni student and as always...acne is ruining my life too I'm so pleased for you that you got accutane I just have a quick question for you - you say you went private...how did you go about finding a private dermatologist? Likewise, if you dont mind me asking...roughly how much are you paying f
  2. Hey I've just spent the last hour reading your blog and just want to say...i'm in the same position as you right now I came off Dianette (or Diane 35 in US I think?) 6 weeks ago naively thinking that all the horror stories wouldn't happen to me and 'i've probably grown out of my acne by now' etc etc. Well here I am 6 weeks later and my skin looks like a disaster zone. Thanks for making this blog - makes me feel better to know that someone else is just as confused/p*ssed off/angry/fed up/emot
  3. thanks for the help folks been using the olive oil for a few days now...nose redness hasn't changed dramatically but boy does it make it feel nice and moisturised!
  4. Sadly I don't have any suggestions as such for you, but i'd like to let you know that I have exactly the same problem! Your nose could be my nose! Anyway, after researching about rosacea etc...I have come to the conclusion that, put simply, my nose is red because the rest of me is so so pale, any slight discolouration (which is normal, especially around the thin skin area of the nose!) is more prominent. At least, thats what I have concluded. I'm pretty sure mine isn't rosacea because it doesn't
  5. Thanks for that PaulUK...! Will give the olive oil thing a shot. Skin looks alright today, still a bit red but nothing terrible. Seems to be at night when it gets significantly worse. Will try the olive oil. Thanks again
  6. hey guys, was just wondering if anyone could offer me some advice. im on dianette atm, and its doing a fair job of clearing my acne (still not completely gone though!). I have a very fair complexion...and have pale, almost see-through skin all over my body pretty much. whilst I have always noticed that i have fairly redish cheeks...lately im getting concerned that my nose is reddening, and im worried this is the beginning of rosacea. any thoughts on the picture? im scared, i dont want to start
  7. i had mine done for the first time like 3 weeks ago. i consider myself to be a complete wuss when it comes to pain but I really didn't think it hurt that much. it hurt yes, but definetly nowhere near as much as I thought it would do!! question for those that are following this thread though - despite my having the hair long enough to be waxed, i was still left with some stubble after the wax. is this normal?! i thought the results we supposed to super smooth, and after having forced myself go th
  8. I'm totally the same - but good on you for going out with bare skin!! I couldn't do that atm. Face is all over the place The only way I manage to look at the beauty counters is by telling myself that without acne I AM pretty - and avoid all the mirrors (pretty damn hard in those department stores )
  9. wow! look at your eyes!! they are actually amazing i dont think your acne is as bad as you perhaps think it is...your overall skin tone is looking good and there isnt any patches of red, dry flaky skin as far as i can see. Its likely the breakout you are experiencing is your skin adjusting to the new products. I expect it will soon settle down and you will see the results you want but, even though the acne gets you down, SMILE, because seriously, you have a beautiful face! x
  10. i need somewhere to vent i feel so down my boyfriend broke up with me yesterday and i feel so lost...its sent my self confidence spiralling...im going to uni on sunday and hes going to be there and i dont know what im going to do when i see him and my chin is covered in big angry cysts which hurt and is making me feel ten times worse, lets face it, who would want to go out with a short stumpy girl with spots,really? argh i wish i was pretty and i wish i had the ability to make relationships
  11. ive been on yasmin for 4 months so far. not fantastic results im afraid :/ if my GP would prescribe me dianette again i would be on it, but because of the stupid long term health risks im not allowed for the time being. i thought my skin was beginning to adjust to the hormonal transition but unfortunately the last month it has flared up again...not sure what to do really
  12. I wonder if anybody can help me, because I dont really have time to sit and read through 75 pages...! has anyone heard of/tried this skin b5 stuff? as far as i can tell its an australian made vitamin brand containing b5, as well as other b5 vitamins, biotin, zinc etc. its got a lot of good reviews on the website ( www.skinb5.com). im a little confused as to what the difference is between taking 4 of those tablets a day and taking about 20 tablets like what is suggested here. can anyone offer an
  13. Model me - what did your GP offer as an alternative? im in a similar position right now, I want to go back on dianette but im not sure that my GP will let me.
  14. I was on dianette for just over 2 years. I didnt experience mood swings etc to the extreme that you have, but I did notice a change in my moods whilst on that pill. After 2 years I was advised by my GP to switch to yasmin (as GPs dont like prescribing dianette for long term use). I wasnt happy about switching as dianette suited me but I presumed that as Yasmin was the "step down" from dianette, it wouldnt cause too much hassle skin wise. Well, I have been on yasmin for 4 months now, and my skin