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  1. yip yay! it's great that you are on accutane. i've been on it for about two weeks now and have already had my ups and downs but i can tell my skin is already healthier. i'm sure you'll be happy with the results!
  2. Your acne looks pretty similar to mine, all on the cheeks and chin, an occasional on the nose and clear forehead. But I am also oily oily oily! I think Accutane is for anyone who has tried other meds without results regardless of how bad your skin is. I've been on it for almost two weeks now and have broken out with some pretty painful zits. The good news is they tend to clear up quicker. But it's already been kind of emotional for me. I'm really glad I'm on it though because I can't wai
  3. hey girl! stick with it, i'm sure the accutane will work for you. maybe you are getting an ib from the dosage increase? you are a badass for not wearing makeup, i can't wait for the day when i don't have to wear makeup or blot the layers of oil off my face! stay strong, we are all rooting for you!
  4. sounds like you're doing great! you should be happy you're getting the acne out of the way now! i'm 23 and people think i'm way younger bc of my acne. once your five months are up you'll be set! best of luck.
  5. i should be starting august 25th, so i'll be right behind you. that's assuming i'm not pregnant and my blood tests are good. arg, i just wanna start now!
  6. i tried to get rid of acne with supplements and diet changes but it just didn't cut it for me. i hate the idea of using strong medicines. growing up we never even took tylenol! but i'm sick of acne and 2 derms i went to wanted to put me on accutane. i put it off for a long time bc i wanted to think i could get rid of it another way. i've decided to do it because i'm ready to be done with skin issues. if you feel you'll be happier on accutane i say go for it and then continue your holistic
  7. thanks everyone! sounds like it's possible to still have fun on tane. the derm said its fine to have a drink or two, so i guess i'll just have to save it for those days i really wanna go out. i just can't imagine new orleans without drinking! sad? but oh so true.
  8. so i know drinking is a no no, but for those of you who are on or who have been on accutane, did you drink? i'll ask the derm but wanted to hear any real life experiences. thanks!