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  1. Update again! Partied to the point where I almost lost my scholarship, regained my motivation to do the whole school thing, quit McD's, got hired at wal-mart a couple of months ago as a cart pusher, rocking a farmer's tan, looking forward to second year of college. Acne? Almost a non-issue. It's been in the past for me for most of 2010. Next challenge? Working on my game lol, the ladies notice me, but I'm not quite the smooth talker to keep them interested consistently. I figure it'll ta
  2. Best solution is to put yourself in an environment or take up an activity that makes you forget about your acne cause you're just too damn busy doing whatever it is that you do.
  3. Lol, it's been a while hasn't it? Well..... um... updates I guess. Graduated from High School, commuting to college, put on 25 lbs since last update, got a job, college has cause me to leave my face alone for the most part, cleared up somewhat I guess? Pics at odd angle since I was staring directly at a light. Front Right Left All of the other lights in the house make my pictures yellow or pink lol
  4. since i was 13, was at its worst 2 years ago and early this summer
  5. step 1 work out step 2 eat right step 3 leave face alone step 4 ??? step 5 PROFIT
  6. God damn, is this for real? You gotta be kidding me.
  7. The less you care about it the less the people around you will care about it.
  8. Wow, it's been a while since I've posted on this thread, hasn't it? Well, September and October were kinda off months, didn't really do anything regularly or consistently, face never improved. November I started taking vit a and d regularly, along with fish oil tablets This month I finally decided to get my shit together and work out consistently with goals in mind, and I've been taking a multivitamin every day for the past few weeks. I cleaned up my diet, which includes hardly ever drinking
  9. I just take a multivitamin and 3-4 1200mg fish oil tablets every day.
  10. Going with 'I am Snow', here. You DID say that you go to the gym an hour a day. Also, there's nothing wrong with going to the gym a lot for a long time if you're accomplishing something.
  11. Holy fuckballs, this is the one of the most dangerous things I've heard of. Seriously, ingesting bleach? I avoid even smelling or looking directly at that crap, yet this is suggesting saturating food with it. Wow.