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  1. i am going to face reality skin care and they say that consistency is most important in facial acne, so of course i forgot my cleanser at my dads house which is an hour away and its night time. how important is cleanser, i still have my benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer, but i am not sure if just washing with water is ok before using the BP.
  2. I've seen the infomercials about Dr. Murad's acne complex and i was wondering if anyone has ever used it or if its good
  3. I have not used Dan's Regimen, but here are some things that can help reduce your acne. 1. Stress could be a factor, try exercising on a regular basis if you aren't already, it helps reduce stress. 2. Heat/humidity is definitely a factor and there isn't much you can do about it, just try to stay in cooler places as much as possible. Also you can try taking colder showers or splashing cold water on your face after you wash it. 3. You absolutely MUST stop picking your face. I know its ext
  4. i'm thinking about making an appointment with them, anyone ever been there? how much better can they really be than a dermatologist? and my dermatologist fucked my face up so bad, i just stopped taking everything and it seems to be getting better, redness is going away and skin looks better, how will i know that anything they give me wont fuck up my skin like the dermo did?
  5. what sunscreens are best to use so i wont breakout? right now im using revision multicare spf 30+ lotion. also ive heard sprays are better than lotions?
  6. So you didnt start using any products until after your acne cleared up? And it only took two months? I am a bit hesitant to try this because if acne goes untreated isnt that how scarring occurs? Plus I haven't even had acne for a year and you had it for several years, shouldn't that make a difference as well?
  7. Yes I have taken it for one week twice a day and nothing has changed. I am not sure yet what I am going to do, I am still deciding lol. I am sort of thinking about using none of these products at all because it seems for the most part everything my dermatologist has given me done little to nothing and has made my skin drier and more irritated. It might work for you give it a try. I don't have an oily complexion my face dries easily.
  8. I am thinking of trying out the colt-turkey method. Right now my dermo has me on like 5 different things at once and my skin is dry red and irritated. So you just used only water on everything - face, body, hair? Didnt you feel dirty, especially if you worked out and sweat or something? Also, I am pretty sure my acne is hormonal, since I started to grow a beard etc when the acne started, so should it have the same affect on me as well, since have only had acne for almost a year and you had a
  9. yes it does, a week ago my dermatologist gave me erythromycin 2% sol that is applied with cotton to affected areas twice a day and so far it has just made my face redder and drier
  10. I have never had acne before in my life and maybe had one or two pimples ever until about a year ago. About a month or two after I went off to college I started to get a few pimples and not knowing what I was doing dried my skin out and made it worse by washing too much and using too much toner. The acne got worse so I tried Proactiv for about a month until I saw my dermatologist who said to stop using it because it was drying out my skin too much. She gave me the Clenziderm MD (mild) system