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  1. Okay so after about 3 or so more days of using Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar, I quit it because I was getting some new pimples from it, which I wasn't before. So after that I went back to using Noxzema + cosmetic sponge. I'm also still using Eucerin Skin Renewal, which I have been for about a month. It moisturizes really well. I have had this same bottle of it for about a year or two, and it still hasn't run out because I have used it only off and on. A little goes a long way with this stuff. A
  2. Thanks, Naehmah. I actually have some of the Neosporin cream (CVS brand) that Jessica Stuart recommends. I think I used it on my face once in the past. I might try it sometime in the distant future. A lot has gone on these past 3 weeks! Towards the beginning of these past 3 weeks, I tried for a couple days to use a extra-soft cloth that I made myself from an old soft t-shirt, but after using it for only a couple days I realized that even that was too rough, because my face was starting to fee
  3. I used Duac for about a month. I also liked its moisturizing properties compared to Benzaclin. I didn't think it was working nearly as well as Benzaclin does though. Since stuff doesn't work the same for everyone, you might try to give Duac a fair shot, for at least a month or two. But I definitely love Benzaclin. Cetaphil lotion (plain lotion not moisturizer) is the best moisturizer to use with it, IMO. It moisturizes REALLY well, doesn't cause breakouts (it lets the Benzaclin do its job) and i
  4. Well everything has gone the same these past couple weeks. I am being really consistent with sticking with the same thing. I'm proud of myself . This week I was good about making sure I wash my face 2x per day, even if my sleep schedule is all crazy. Now, if I fall asleep around midnight without washing my face, which I have done I think twice these past 2 weeks, I wake up around 5am and wash my face then and put on Avita then go back to sleep for another 6 hours . That way I make sure that Benz
  5. Hey everyone, thank you for your comments, I enjoy reading them. So this past two weeks I have been extremely consistent. Everything is exactly as it was from my last update, except I don't use the eyeglasses cloth anymore. I just use my hand to rub any dead skin off after I wash my face while it is still wet--works great. I also haven't been wearing makeup at all, and I think that is really making a difference in my skin. I would like to try out Physicians Formula makeup sometime in the futur
  6. Hi runninghigh. Your regimen sounds delightfully simple and cheap... I'm jealous! I have a feeling that if I were to try it, my face wouldn't be too happy. I definitely don't like over-exfoliating my face. I had a bad experience this morning with that... an experience I've had several times before. If I use my eyeglasses cloth too hard or too often my face will get raw and when I put Benzaclin on in the morning it will burn really bad. But just rinsing it off doesn't get it off, especially when
  7. Okay so this past two weeks, I was doing everything like usual, using Cetaphil cleanser + my makeup sponge 2x per day, then my eyeglasses cloth 1x per day in morning, Benzaclin followed by Cetaphil lotion in the morning, sometimes followed by makeup, then Avita at night. Well I wasn't seeing any improvement from that, and I wasn't sure if it was from the Cetaphil cleanser, from the makeup, or what. I knew I wasn't seeing improvement anymore, it seemed to be at a standstill, which was frustratin
  8. Okay, things have changed again. They are more like what I used to do years ago when I first started using prescription topicals, Benzaclin and Avita cream. This week I have been using Avita at night again, keeping with Benzaclin and Cetaphil lotion in the mornings, and I switched from Noxzema and my microderm cloth to Equate's version of Cetaphil gentle cleanser + wet makeup sponge. Also I quit using my eyeglasses cloth after washing my face to remove dead skin. A couple mornings I've had to wa
  9. Thanks Pam! Here's my update: Well I'm pretty sure my face is a little worse than last week. I think that using just Benzaclin at night and make-up during the day wasn't a good combination. I just wasn't seeing any improvement, and I think I might have gotten worse. But in the past, when I was on my trusty Benzaclin regimen, I would see improvement almost immediately. So I decided to change things starting Saturday (April 8). I'm basically back to my old Benzaclin regimen that worked in the p
  10. I'm still keeping everything the same, and I'm still using Benzaclin every night. I just got a new jar of Benzaclin last night as I had run out, and my old jar was a month past expired, so hopefully this will improve things.
  11. Oooookkkkkk so here's the deal. This week started off with me puttin Benzaclin on every night with Cetaphil lotion, which lasted 2 days then I quit. Then I went back to using it every other night with no lotion for a couple days, THEN I switched from using Suave body wash on my face to using Noxzema with my microdermabrasion cloth (which was always my HG method when I used to use Benzaclin), and started using Benzaclin every night again, but with no lotion. So for about 3 days I have been washin
  12. I had been doing everything the same until yesterday, when I started putting Benzaclin every night instead of every other night, and using Cetaphil lotion after that to prevent dryness. Also, I ran out of my Equate body wash and I don't think they sell it anymore so I'm using Suave, which is what Equate was copying anyway. Well that's the plan for now because I think it will get me clear faster using it every night. Then once I'm clear I will try to use it every other night and maybe even less t
  13. Well I'm feeling much better. I still look terrible BUT I'm very confident that I'm going to clear up soon and I'm also really hopeful that I'll be much more satisfied with this regimen than I was with my old Benzaclin regimen. Here's what I've been doing: AM & PM: Wash w/my hands and Equate Ocean Breeze body wash. Air dry. Every other PM: Every other night apply Benzaclin to wet face before airing dry. That's it! Thursday I used a Biore nose strip, then Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask,
  14. I know, I know, I look like shit. Thanks White. Not because of anyone else's opinion, but because of mine and mine alone, I have decided (several days ago) to quit doing my lazy regimen and start back on Benzaclin, but I'm going to do things differently than I did before. Right now I'm going through an experimental phase. I'm using my body wash, Walmart's Equate brand Ocean Breeze, in the morning on my face when I shower. At night I'm still using a wet paper towel. Saturday night I put Benzacli
  15. Okay, well today I just decided, after going back and forth in my head for a while... that I'm going to start using Benzaclin on my chin because my chin HURTS and is covered in pimples. The rest of my face is fine, but my chin is acting TERRIBLY. So I can't stand it anymore. What I'm going to do is go back to my wet paper towel 2x daily, which I like better than what I've been doing the past couple days, and start using Benzaclin but only on my chin at night like maybe 2-3 times a week. And tha