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  1. hey, in your comment in the post "i dont believe in God anymore" was beautiful :)

  2. I think it depends how deep the problem is, and how big the problem is as well. I think it also depends on how many "problems" (Acne / pimples) have been in the region before as well. If you keep getting them in the same places, they will probably last longer and do more damage and leave more scarring. If the pimple is small, and the inflammation is not large, and the region has not had many pimples before, it will heal without scarring better, provided your body has the right nutrients and th
  3. It might strike some people as being odd, but not me. Some people have reportedly healed their acne completely and still had oily skin. People taking Accutane whose sebum production returns once their Acne is gone, do not get Acne just because of that. It is those first couple of spots isn't it? They are the ones that we never should have gone all-out with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and the rest of it, to try and fix, they probably would have gone away, but now we went and damaged our sk
  4. Maybe I get good lemons in Australia. I do not use such heavy concentrations, just a dash, and it is beauuuutiful. Not much change in Acne from this though I would think. Anything that disrupts retinoid metabolism is a factor in Acne, one's diet can definitely do this, but it is not the only factor to address, I think. Lots of things have effects on retinoids. I am not sure how lemon juice impacts it all, but perhaps it is a good topic to do more research on. Like the previous links I included
  5. Well, if you say you can "detoxify" whatever is breaching proper retinoid metabolism in 3 days, or even in a month, then you will not be getting anything from me but doubt and suspicion. As an example of disrupted retinoid metabolism (a definite cause of Acne Symptoms), please see: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0PDG/is_/ai_n13559170 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chloracne. I doubt that you will "detoxify" / free up proper retinoid metabolism in many people at all in less than 6 mon
  6. Yes, I would not say "doesn't work", I would say that this is just one factor of many to address when there is Acne. On its' own, for the majority, it will not work for Acne.
  7. Acne is not psychological, if it was, Accutane would not work, neither would what I am doing be working (though I will not say so publicly what it is just yet, I have to make sure first). Your psychological reaction to seeing your skin in the mirror might make your health worse, and thus your skin health, but Acne has a physical cause --> look up Chloracne for 1. There is a physical cause. It can be remedied by utilising physical measures. Acne is not due to psychological reasons, I am sure.
  8. I do not think anyone in the whole world could truthfully say that their acne cleared in 3 days (even on the basis that it was food poisoning or something that was causing it - an unlikely scenario anyway). Accutane takes up to 6 months, and so do antibiotics. Am I the only one that dislikes having my intelligence insulted by such suggestions as acne can be gone in 3 days? Good luck with the lemon juice covegspot (and others), I am sure it is healthy and beneficial, but far from the only facto
  9. You will still get scars even if you do not pick, because your follicles are ruptured in severe Acne - Ruptured: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/rupture --> too much pressure building underneath your skin. I never (seriously, never, because of the supposed scarring) picked any of my Acne, and I have vicious scarring. Rubbing your face or touching things will slow the healing down and might cause more inflammation, and more Acne. If you have white skin, sun damage can make acne worse. Sun dama
  10. Well, I am not sure about this for 3 reasons: 1) Inflammation Comes First in Acne - http://www.nature.com/jid/journal/v121/n1/full/5601829a.html, 2) P. Acnes is meant to be in the follicles. http://jcm.asm.org/cgi/content/abstract/46...ourcetype=HWCIT, and; 3) Comedones form independently of P. Acnes activity - see this about P. Acnes: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin...388382/PDFSTART (note the part of this document where it is stated "By depleting P. acnes through antibiotic use,
  11. You think? For your sake, I do hope you are right about having addressed all the other necessary factors to having good skin clarity.
  12. Please allow me to raise some issues. Firstly, what was the average life expectancy of cavemen? Not very long I think, they probably got sick, and more importantly, they probably got Acne, and even more importantly, they probably died by age 15 - age 20. If you look at the Wikipedia, the first recorded history of Acne was in Ancient Egypt, and there have been skin disorders for thousands of years, all throughout ancient history. Secondly, how does this explain back and chest Acne? It does not
  13. Should we focus on: Regret, or; Repair? Oh the pain... don't take drugs, do not give your trust to doctors / physicians and limit risk-taking activities in general. If your life does not involve a physical minefield to dodge everyday (like in some countries), it seems to involve a mental one against products being marketed as being safe while they are risky or even downright dangerous.
  14. What do you want one of those (a girly-"friend") for? What is wrong with being alone? If you ask me, just forget about that, and re-engage the issue once you have no Acne, and do not worry yourself with such things at the moment. Let the issue alone, and do not worry about it, get a cat or something - maybe some fish (for companionship), ehheh. You can take up a sport - indoor cricket, basketball et cetera..., - and forget about wanting a girly-"Friend". I set up my psychological disposition to
  15. I don't know really where to start, however to the people that say "live your life, Acne or no Acne", please do not tell people to live their lives while they have Acne, I think that this is a disaster. I think one should fix the acne first before they do anything, that is what I think - Acne is a disaster. If your life were to shut down (because you must fix the acne before you do anything), I think that more people will take Acne seriously. Acne is not a trivial matter, something is horrific