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  1. hey laurza, im acutally dark from the sun and i naturally have light asian skin. i definitely will investigate on the things you told me. im glad that you had so much success and i would like to say congrats! thanks for you advice, i appreciate it.
  2. hey everyone, i did a vbeam and i think ipl laser treatment (the laser said YAG, i believe it is used for tatoo removal) more than a year ago. My acne is doing pretty well but all that is bugging me now is a few spots of hypo-pigmentation. I believe these were from the IPL laser because i have dark tanned asian skin. Do any of you know what i can do to try to even out my skin tone? I heard such lasers as Relume but not many dermatologists offer it. If it wasnt for these few spots of hypo-pigme
  3. ok thanks for the replies. However, im afraid that my sun exposures during the two months have screwed me over big time
  4. Hi, I used a hydroquinone 4% creame about 2 months ago, and it caused me to have some little patches of hypopigmentation marks that are lighter than my dark skin color. I carelessly used it just for two nights, and now i have to suffer this hypopigmentation. My dermatologist wont answer my calls, so can anyone please tell me if this will be permanent? I am hoping that these hypopigmentation marks will go away in a couple more months. Thanks, help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. oh i appreciate the replies, was your hypopigmentation from laser or hydroquinone? thanks i also seem to have a lot of patches from hydroquinone on the right side of my face from using it carelessly. i really hope using hydroquinone for 2 nights would not make me hypopigmented forever. im scaredddd
  6. Hi everyone, I had a medlite laser treatment about 2 and a half months ago, and i still have alittle hypopigmentation from it. Moreover, i stupidly tried 4% hydroquinone for 2 nights, and i obviously put way too much on my face. Im so upset right now because i have little spots of light skin compared to my dark tanned skin. Do you think that my hypopigmentation will disappear in like 3 more months? or are there any things i could do to improve it? right now all i use is a cleanser and queen hel
  7. ll123


    Its comforting to see that other people know how i feel. I really hope this is worth it because my parents said no way in hell they will let me do another treatment. I hope that i will get great results like markymark.
  8. ll123


    Im so scared, my derm said he could get rid of all my red marks by bruising them for a month. I am currently on day 7 and my face still has purple dots and i feel that i made it WORSE than it was before. Before, no one could really notice my marks since im a tan guy. Now, they all look at me in a funny way. One guy even admitted to me that he thought all my dots were huge cysts. I just explained to him it was from a laser procedure. My doctor also did medlite on some spots, and 3 of them revea
  9. ll123


    Hi, Like markymark, I am a slightly tanned Asian male and I just had vbeam and medlite done today. My doctor said my scarring is fairly mild, so he said he can get it done with one session. Im suprised about how honest and trustworthy he is. Now I have about 7 really dark purple bruises, and about 3 light ones. On the med lite areas where i have a couple pitted scars, i only have alittle redness. Can anyone tell me if i can take a 20-30 minute jog every day? Also, i heard that you should not sh
  10. oh wait i meant to say ONE week. this stuff is incredible. i have so much left in my jar and i cant wait to see how much better my marks get.
  11. WOW! after about 2 weeks on this stuff my face never broke out a AT ALL! my red marks are fading nicely and i have no acne at all except for a couple red marks on both cheeks! My face feels extremely smoothe, and im LOVING it! even my mom is saying that my face is looking so much better. If you can afford to pay 75$, i would definitely try this! it not only controls acne amazingly, but it also makes my face extremely smoothe and fade red marks.
  12. my jar of dr. brandt's microdermabrasion arrived in only 3 days, and it was free shipping because of the 75$ price tag well i was excited, and i tried it right away. My face now feels extremely smoothe right now even when im talking right now. My face literally feels like a baby's butt Overall, i am pretty impressed on how smoothe this thing makes my skin feel, and it improves the texture of my skin well. This is only after the first time, so ill see what happens a little later on. I will tr