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  1. Sucks to hear that it arent going as well for you. Just stick with it and things will eventually get clearer. Things will probably get clearer around month 2-3, but maybe not till month 4. Just stick with it and in the end, everything will be good in the neighborhood. GOOD LUCK. I got headaches in the beginning on accutane too. My body just adjust to it and they went away eventually. Hopefully the same for you too.
  2. hmmmm...seems pretty good for an update. Almost forgot about this place. Funny thing was i used to come here alot. Atleast once a day, but now i came back just recently to read some of the accutane logs. i remember when i wrote this blog and im pretty happy i did. The picture i upload are still in the system, forgot how my face looked like before accutane. Its probably 8 months post-tane and my results are pretty good. After accutane, the first couple months i broke out a few pimples and it woul
  3. dont worry, mine was worst on month 3 and still bad the first half of month 4. At the end of month 4, things started to improve and month 5 got alot better and month 6 just top it off. just keep popping them pills and everything will be good. GL You dont want to irritated your face while on the drug. just let it clear on its own. i recommend using cetaphil daily face wash only. no more acne products. hope everything turns out good.
  4. i finished accutane on feb 6. 2009 and i was clear for awhile, but recently these past week i been breaking out on my temple near my hairline. did anyone break out a bit after they finish there accutane course?
  5. i just finished my accutane treatment for 6 months. Before i took accutane, i was weigh lifting alot, but stop because i did not want to get serve joint pains during accutane. Now that i have finish, how long can i start working out again? i want accutane to be completely out of my system before i work out. thanksss
  6. DAY 195 hmmm, not sure if anyone reads this, but just incase someone does...I just swallow my last accutane pill. Half way through my 6th month, i started only taking 40mg. I was suppose to take two 40mg a day, but i felt i was taking too much accutane in a day, so i just prolong my accutane course and took 40mg a day till i was finish. anyways, i just shallow my last pill a few mins ago and i am very please was my results. i havent had a pimple since the beginning of my 4th month. ill break do
  7. was she actually talking about you? or was she just talking about it to the whole class in general? if it was to the whole class, then you are over reacting.
  8. my mom use to tell me i had bad skin and the reason was because i smoked alot of pot. im almost done with accutane and she kepts telling me if i countinue to smoke pot, my bad skin will come back. I think she wants me to stop smoking pot. LOL
  9. i dont want to sound mean or anything, but i am gonna tell you i took accutane for mild acne and i cleared up great. i was cleared by the beginning of my 4th month and the only sides effects was dry lips and few nosebleeds. maybe you are gonna need a 2nd course.
  10. i get my generic claravis at costco for around 310. i get 60 pills of the 40 mg. maybe you should try costco. i heard walmart is around the same price too.
  11. did you use any tropicals or anything after accutane to keep clear?
  12. i heard you are not suppose to get anything surgery related done while on accutane, but i might be wrong.
  13. anyways, the other week, i went to a palm reader just to see what she was gonna say. This was my first time doing it and wanted to see what would happen. The lady looked at my palm and said everything about my life. I would say 95% of everything she said was true. It kinda of freaked me out, but i try not to believe about what she told me, even though its pretty accurate. She told me that i have the potential to be do really good in life, but i need to try harder. Im the kind of person who does