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  1. i haven't taken part in this poll because it's too embarrassing. it's made me realise what a dirty, filthy student i am...
  2. it could also be killing yourself. i wouldn't recommend it.
  3. Elsa* you hijacked my thread! boohoo. but at least statistics will show i've started a 'hot topic' - now that's something to get excited about. i can die happy now. merci x
  4. panoxyl aquagel reminded me of papier mâchè paste... gloopy and lumpy. or that chinese sweetcorn soup. mmm.
  5. just for fun? damn... i was just getting my tux out ready.
  6. realisticly: 4-6 months people have suggested many ways of speeding up the process... including using vinegars, tape etc. really, any frequent gentle exfoliation will help - a moisturiser with AHA in perhaps - but it'll still take time.
  7. yup, i was very impressed by the prompt delivery. i think it warrants a ...
  8. aren't umbrellas brilliant! i used one the other day - you can hide away under them and not let anyone see your face. the ultimate temporary acne cure. except for days when it's not raining. and also you have to peek out from beneath it slightly when crossing roads. oh, and also you can't use them inside. but still, aren't umbrellas brilliant. to a certain degree! *sigh*
  9. hey billbill, have you ever tried Dan's regimen at acne.org? that's what i've been using for the past couple months. i'm clearing nicely. if BP has worked for you once, it should continue to do so. your skin doesn't become resistant to the effect. also, have you ever been to see a dermatologist - you've got nothing to lose. finally - shaving once a day at 15? i don't have to do that now and i'm nearly 21... ha!
  10. hey, thanks. i ordered it from drugstore.com yesterday. i ordered 2 because the shipping was the same whatever... and i got some other free eucerin product for free. which was nice. i do like waiting for parcels.