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  1. Week 8 my skin is actually all scars aside form two pimples on my right cheek. my forehead however has an almost rash like thing happening. i don't get it. anyways last week i went skiing and forgot my blush and i think that even though my skin has been terrible long before having to wear makeup everyday this MUST have been contributing because i have no new breakouts and my skin is much less tender, and it only JUST occurred to me that most of my breakouts were along the blush line.
  2. Week 7 My skin is a bit tender so im only applying at night now. The bumps have gone down enough that makeup looks okay on my skin now, not like its trying to cover up too much. I have included a pic with a bit of make up just concealer
  3. sigh. fresh new eruptions. i'm about to give up.
  4. week 6 no new eruptions but my left cheek doesn't seem to be going down at all i still keep getting loads of little pimple son my right cheek too
  5. so week 5 photos: + right cheek pimples are flat. + forehead pimple has completely gone with no scarring + lip pimple has also gone - i got more pimples on my left cheek - still dealing with scars my skin is very calm this week and i think my acne must really be stress related because i was freaking out over a new job and my skin was terrible and now i've settled in and am hapy things seems to be going well skin-wise.
  6. thanks! yeah at the beginning of the regimen it was terrible but the BP has really helped the pimples go down sooo much faster. but my skin makes it look like scars when its actually under the skin pimples too (it really sucks, my skin has the spot go brown like immediately ). My moisturiser has AHA in it! hopefully i can say goodbye to scars soon!
  7. So this blog is actually at week 4 of my regimen. I went overseas earlier this year and had a terrible bout of cystic acne. i still have terrible scarring and even though i've had acne since i was 13 it was never this bad and cleared up from when i was 18-20. At the moment i'm having a dietary change too (vegan). At week 4 the scars are still terrible and im getting pimples still but they are definitely smaller than usual. I'm now just at the full BP usage and hoping sticking with my good diet
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