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  1. Hey! I have PIH too, but what I've found that really helps me is vitamin E oil. I sleep with it over night and in the morning wash with a gentle cleanser. It takes about 2 weeks to see a huge improvement, but your skin looks a lot healthier. Another thing I do is put on the oil and then aloe over it on acne sites- helps dry it out for me. Good luck, you're acne really isn't bad at all. =)
  2. Acne gets to affect us all emotionally, at some point or another. Just the other day, some girl is all, "You have really bad pimples way worse than your sister". It's one of the reasons I sometimes detest being a twin, you get compared so much. But it really makes you feel low about yourself, I feel your pain. Recently, I got an outbreak from godkowswhat and it's affected me big time. But don't let it take over your life! I became withdrawn and passive, more than usual, because of acne. Then peo
  3. I tried lemon juice and boy, does it work! My skin has never looked more evenly-toned; after two uses my moderate red marks diminished by 40%! I'm so happy with it, plus it's easy to apply. Thanks so much for posting this. =) Hopefully it'll get rid of my acne too.
  4. Thank you for your post, it's extremely informative. While P. Acnes is present on everyone's skin- as it rightfully should be, I believe that when oil (sebum) gets trapped in a pore, this pore provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. While the P. Acnes bacteria is naturally harmless, it causes an infection in the follicle when the sebum is present alongside with it. That, I think, is only one reason acne is formed. While I disagree with the mite theory, It may be possible that other
  5. Don't pick it. D: It can lead to serious scarring. I've never before heard of 7 heads...it may take about 2 weeks to go away, but don't pop it until it's gone down a bit. Maybe try cleaning it with some hydrogen peroxide (3%) after popping it? Good luck! Hope I helped. =)
  6. Good luck! I hope this works out for you! :3
  7. Congrats on the success! How did you use it? I have some sitting around and thought I might give it a whirl. =)
  8. Hmm, I sincerely doubt it's never going to close up. Give it a week or so. Just put fresh lemon juice on it; it tightens pores. =) It burns, though. Good luck, hope I helped. =D
  9. I spot treat with hydrogen peroxide (3%) after popping; it cuts down healing time by 50%. =) Good luck! Just apply it with a Q-tip and hold on for 15 seconds.
  10. I use Noxema Deep Cleaning Original face wash. It works wonders and leaves your skin very bright. It also is helping control breakouts, so I'd definitely give it a shot. I doubt it'll affect the regimen; it's really effective in getting off all those dead skin cells and clearing out pores.Good luck!
  11. Hm...if you're skin is red/blotchy, chances are you're either allergic to that makeup or it's irritating your skin. As for why our skin looks so darn good in the mornings, I'd really like to know myself. =D
  12. I dunno, it sounds like an advert. Acne isn't caused by mites. Irritation maybe, but not acne. Acne is formed when the P. Acnes bacteria gets down into a pore, the pore gets filled with oil, then comes the blockage, finally some irritation, an infection is formed, and you have a lesion. So, I was reading about the mites, and turns out they cause a rash, not acne. Now THAT requires a cream to kill. No way can you scrub it off. So, I hope I cleared up some confusion. =)
  13. I use toothpaste and it really helps dry out the zit. =) But you have to apply a very thin layer on a very small spot or it peels/burns/makes everything look horrific. But it does work, just don't use it too often. I use the regular colgate kind. Good luck, hope I helped.
  14. Maybe it's not an allergic reaction or something to do with the body. Perhaps if it gets trapped in your pores...? It's supposed to be a great exfoliant, but I guess only if you wash it off.