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  1. Hey thanks for replying, but these brown spots aren't postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, they are real dented scars which turn brown after a matter of time (months) and don't dissapear after a year. So, will this discoloration be permanent? For the white scars; I've read all the topics about it but couldn't find something useful. Think I'm going try dermaroller, but I'm really confused which one to buy because on this board everyone says something different about it . :D Has anyone notic
  2. PLEASE someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have some dented scars from pimples and scabs I scratched and stuff. They're tiny, but they are scars, OBVIOUS. The problem is; They've turned into BROWN or WHITE spots after a year!!! It's no postinflammatoire hyperpigmentation, because then they would've been brown from the start!!!! I kept them out of the sun for half a year. I catched 1 (!!!!!) sunbeam and now they're brown (I wore sunblock for god's sake)!!!!!! Some othe
  3. I just don't like make-up. I never used it, even when I had a lot of pimples and red spots. All the make-up (and I tried a lot) is itchy and I sweat a LOT so it doesnt't stay that long. I want my own skin to look better. Is dermaroller that radical?
  4. And Dermaroller, will it have some effect on white scars? That's a kind of self-needling which isn't too dangerous I thought... The whole make-up thingie isn't for me. I have a lot of these little white spots all over my cheeks and chin, so cover them up would be a very secure and time-consuming job. If a use powder and foundation all over my face it looks a BIT better, but it's not enough...
  5. @ rocky666; Did the white scars really dissapear or did they become less notable? A few years ago my mom said; hey, you have a lot of white spots on your face, could it be a fungus or something? But I knew immediatley that these spots were from picking scabs and I cried my eyes out. I once saw a woman with all these white and brown spots on her chin and when I asked ( I was a child) what it was, she told me they were scars from picking acne. Now I had these spots also. But a couple of months l
  6. bubbazmom, thank you very much for all the info, you helped me a lot. I also have these scars covering my whole body, but I find the spots in my face the most disturbing. Did microneedling do anything for you? And could I try selfneedling?
  7. somebody else who's noticed white scars or white spots and can tell me what they are or how to get rid of them???????????
  8. well since your 'scar' is only 7 days old I wouldn't call it a scar. Maybe there's still some pus left? If it really is scartissue, you could use some vit. E oil or aloevera juice or ACV or something to massage your scar everyday. It will shrink when time passes by, be patient. It will look less horrible after some months... BUT somebody got rid of their white spots/scars??????? AND after reading this forum for 6 months I can conclude nothing works and every treatment will make your scars wor
  9. How old is the 'scar'? Maybe its scartissue underneath the skin? You could try to massage (like you pinch somebody in the cheek because you like him/her) the scar everyday with vit.e or something. That's what I'm doing lately and it seems the scars feel softer... But how do we get the colour back in our scars?? Would dermabrasion do something?
  10. ANYONE noticed white spots on the face after scabs came off?? All the scartopics only mention indentions, but what about the light spots which don't tan anymore, are they scartissue??? (the skin of the spots looks quite the same as the surrounding skin, the only difference is the color) I never see people with these white spots on their cheeks and chin, am I the only one?? Does anybody know a treatment??? PLEASE HELP, my skin depresses me too much..
  11. hope this pic works. does anyone recognize the lighter spots I have on my cheek which don't tan anymore? There were some wounds and scabs from pimpels on these spots.