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  1. Has any tried ResurFX fractional non-ablative laser (1565 nm fiber laser)? I can't find any previous posts about it. My acne has cleared up thanks to Spironolactone and Retin-A. Now I want to try tackle my scars.
  2. Hi Beautiful Disaster, I understand what you’re going through but I don't have any advice. I just wanted to say from your picture you are absolutely stunning, I know it’s hard for us to see past the acne sometimes but as an outsider I think you’re incredibly beautiful. (I’m 100% straight; I just thought I'd comment on how fab you are )
  3. ashash05- I have a question but if it’s too personal to answer then please ignore. Since developing Polycystic ovaries (or since the beginning of puberty) have you but on weight? My reason for asking this is, for some time I’ve wondered if I might have polycystic ovaries because I have alot of the symptoms. Acne, excessive hair growth on face/body, mood swings etc, but I’m not over weight (I’d say I’m normal to under weight). Because of this, people I’ve spoken to (not doctors) ha
  4. I do this when ever I get a cyst, which is thankfully not very often. In the past I would leave them to go away on there own, but I was usually left with a scar (and had to suffer the embarrassment of having a huge lump on my face for weeks). Now when I get a cyst, I wait about a week (to see if it will go on its own), than I take a clean fine needle and pierce the cyst. I then apply pressure to drain it, followed by cleaning the area with an antiseptic and antibiotic topical lotion. So fa
  5. Ive started getting these too. I have two right now on my neck. There not visible but when I pinch the area its like theres a hard little pea under my skin. They've never come to a head, and in the past they just eventually went away without leaving redness/scarring. There just very weird! Would love to know what the hell they are (whats inside them)?
  6. I agree with what other's have said, internet relationships can be tricky. You always project the best possible image of yourself. However in reality we all have flaws, quirks, traits that regardless of how attractive we are, the other person may not like. You said you would like to get out there and meet people, well how about joining a group or club that your interested in. You said your into keeping fit, how about a new fitness class...or advertise locally for a running buddy. You may (or
  7. I think you meant your libido, not sex. If you were having sex with SOMEONE you probably wouldn't feel down. Sex is more than just a race to the finish line with the right person, babe. Sex is a race to the finish line, lol....good sex isnt!!!
  8. Cameron Diaz is a great example of a celebrity who has acne, but it also kinda irks me that she denies she has it or won't talk about it. Justin Timberlake has acne as well. He was on Accutane. Brad Pitt has pitted scars from acne. There are many celebs and people in the media who have acne, but they have this "reputation" to live up to where they HAVE to look a certain way so they cake on tons of makeup to hide their flaws. It would be nice to see celebs admit they have acne. And no, I don't me
  9. I think for most people acne is a private struggle that most are embarrassed to speak about publicly. Just look at the scrutiny that those with noticeable acne have gone through. The best example is probably Cameron Diaz, photographers try there best to capture her at her worst (probably on a daily basis), could you imagine living like that. I know that if I knew that my picture was going to be plastered all over the internet and magazines Id make sure I was constantly “made-upâ€.
  10. Oh I agree, Id rather be happy and in control of my emotions but with acne rather than an emotional sobbing mess with clear(er) skin!! I don’t take birth control or any other medication so that is why I thought it might be the antidepressants. Thanks for your input. If anyone else has experienced this please comment. Thank you
  11. Hi all, I’ve suffered from mild/moderate acne for years. Always on my face, and usually just small pustules that come to a head and go away. I’ve had a few cysts but I’ve been able to trace back the reason for them (milk, and certain hair products). Well since I started taking Effexor (Venlafaxine) I’ve had what Id describe as severe acne….my face is never 100% clear and I’ve been getting a lot more cysts. And now in the last 2 months I’ve had a really bad rash of acne and a c
  12. oh I never thought of that!! oops. Well when the lady at the Clinique counter sold it to me she described it as a very light tinted moisteriser....I dont think it would even pass as that. Ive uber pale skin, my skin is almost transparent, and when I rub this in I cant see any colour or change to my skin. If it is a concern for you maybe you could drop into a deparment store where they sell Clinique to test it first before you buy.
  13. To .JackTheLad. Sorry the SPF I use is factor 40, Im sure that one is fine too, here's a link to the one Ive been using: http://www.clinique.co.uk/product/1661/623...F-40/index.tmpl
  14. eh yeah for the dark spots on your face....look Ive read reviews from people that have been using it for many weeks. A number of people didnt follow the instructions (or didnt bother reading them..) and just applied it to there dark spots. These people where left with white halo's around the darks spots, where the "normal" skin went a lighter shade than the rest of there face. Yeah its an expense product, it will last about 3 months, but thats what you get with a higher end product. I was