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  1. Aw, thanks. I really appreciate your comment.
  2. I've been fighting my acne for a long time now. However, just last year it got really terrible. I saw a derm and he gave me some meds: tazorac and clindagel. I took those, my face cleared up a lot. I was left with scars and stuff. Well, the taz doesn't seem to be working anymore. I made an appt. with a new derm about three months ago. Just recently my face has reverted to the state it was in last year. Do you guys think I am a candidate? Should I consider? Should I try some other medications
  3. The pictures in my gallery are from last year.
  4. I used to come here all the time last year. I had a major breakout and was prescribed a bunch of drugs that worked... sort of. I wasn't really satisfied with the results. I still have the redmarks and scars plus a lot of active acne. Well, I feel like this will never end. I can't believe it's been a year and I'm still in the same position that I was. I got new meds from a doctor, but I don't think I should start using them because I have a dermatologist appt. in a week. Should I just wait to se
  5. I just found it a little disturbing when i found that letter on his computer the other day(to her). I was hoping, in my mind, that we had left her in the dust by now.
  6. No, he doesn't talk about her, unless she comes up in conversation. He told me he's not over her. I think that's what "has feelings for her" means.
  7. Exactly, he doesn't understand how i feel. He just expects me to accept this fact. He thinks i'm miffed over a letter he wrote her apologizing to her(even though he didn't send it). The letter just made me realize that he obviously still loves this girl. btw, he stopped talking and seeing her a year ago because he cheated on me with her. Then, he basically told her to eff off.(That's what the letter was about).
  8. I'm so tired of looking like a tomato. I swear, by the time my red marks go away, i will become immune to the drugs i'm on and i will have to start all over again. My boyfriend "has feelings for" another girl. He loves me more, and wants to stay with me. But, what am i supposed to do? I feel like this girl has been in our shadow the whole time we've been seeing eachother(about two years).
  9. No, he said it was working and that i should keep using it. I mainly have redmarks. They aren't getting better though
  10. I started using this garbage exactly four months ago today. My face still has red marks I think i will have these things forever! They don't even seem to have faded since week eight. It's like, my face just stopped improving after that point. I hate tazorac. I don't care if you like it. I hate it.
  11. I used to take minocycline 100 mg twice a day. That was back in highschool(I'm in college now). I cleared up very nicely, i remember. I used bp 5% and erythromycin 2% gel also. I stopped using them for a while and my acne came back
  12. Yes! When i had friends, i would have those days sometimes. Now, i don't have any friends. I'm pretty lonely now, too though.