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  1. Hi Simmy I live in Germany, Nuremberg. DK do deliver to Germany. But on your own risk! I ordered once. And i had to collect my parcel from the custom office. Showing order papers and creditcard papers. And paying 19% fee. Another problem could be different procedure in the 16 states of Germany. So i cant speak for Berlin!!! A good brand is Cordes 3%. Available in 100g tubes. cheapest online pharmacy (after applying cordes there could be some white stains, which will disappear after applyin
  2. Hi I think it is a gel. It calls itself a gel. I know only Cordes and Sanoxit. Both are gels. I dont know Benzac. So i cant compare the texture. But in comparison with DK BP: you cant spread Sanoxit so easily as you can spread DK BP. you have to be quick to spread sanoxit over the areas, because it dries out quickly. Dont know if this answers your question. Lumitimi
  3. Hallo I am treating my whole upper body with BP. And i made the experience that neck and chest are way more sensitive than the face! They get very easiliy red and flaky and start to peel. I also stopped then BP for some days to let the skin recover. Jojoba-oil and Moisterizer only on these areas. And after some days i began slowly with BP again. Now (after 2 months) i can use BP twice daily. Neck and chest arent red or flaky any more. My skin feels normal. First weeks will not be easy, even
  4. Hi Mimie2022 Have you ever tried an european brand with BP? e.g. Cordes 3%. (BP, propylene glycol, carbomer, sodiumhydroxid, water) is a good BP brand. Texture is a little different to DK BP. You cannot rub it in so much like DK BP. And a good moisterizer is Avene Clean-Ac. You should give it a try. I use 2 different moisterizer am and pm. am a cheap, but good moisterizer (from ALDI, lol). pm a richer in content moisterizer (sebamed sensitive pflegebalsam). In your signature you say that yo
  5. Could it have something to do with diazolidinyl urea?
  6. Hi ScopeEyes (replied in a monotone voice) I started the Regimen three weeks ago to treat my chest/back akne. (I am 34, female). I have also a long history of acne treatments in my teen`s and twen`s (BP, Antibiotic, radiotherapy, otc products, bcp=Diane35). It helped a little, but nothing could make me akne-free. Last summer i tried AHA and BHA and diff. supplements. But only with a slight improvement. So i decided to go to derm again. I asked for accutane. But he denied. My acne is only mi
  7. a good link about candida, candida diet is this: Candida Diet
  8. Hi, Jane I know how you feel. I have acne on my chest and back, too. In the past i tried to use only natural products for my skin. But this didn´t help with my acne. So I have a new regimen for my bakne. I take Zeniac LP cream. It contains a mix of AHA´s and BHA´s. Mandelic, lactic, salicylic acid. This is to exfoliate the skin. You can also take a product which contains only mandelic or salicylic acid. This i use in the night. In the morning i use: Actipur. It contains Niacinamid=Vita
  9. Hi, I love your pic. Calvin and Hobbes are the best!

  10. But the girl thinks: acne, i want NOT NOT NOT!!!!!
  11. Don´t eat vegetarian. Try to do a paleo-diet. With meat, fish, eggs, fat (butter and lard and cocos), vegetables and legumes, a bit of fruit and some nuts. This will help your skin more than the vegetarian diet. The meat will give you important minerals and will cut off your candida after a few months. That said - i don´t eat a paleo-diet. I´m female and I think this diet is easier for men to follow.( but i will definitely give it a try in a few months if my acne doesn´t get better). I´m