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  1. I wanted to go out on Friday night with the girls and I wanted to make myself feel better (considering I'm so red right now) so I went to the MAc store to buy a good coverup. OMG, I've never been so embaresed. The girl tried ever single type of makeup possible to cover up my acne scars with out any luck of finding a foundation. She ended up using consealer as a foundation and then powder.....I looked like a joke. What will make the scars and redness go away? I bought a vitamin K lotion that's s
  2. ask your doctor for a topical antibotic- only use it only a day or it can make it worse. I have the same problem! I try to avoid mirrors and keep myself busy. good luck to ya!
  3. It's possible. My package says it can go either way. It could be you may be depressed and eating more, or tired more often and not getting as much exercise. I recently got on a anti depressant to help prevent that and I try to go to the gym every day. No gain but no loss either. Keep your chin up
  4. is anyone else finding that they are more prone to coldsores? is it pointless to get a sprayon tan (instead of getting sun) because at some point I'll peel way too much or this maybe too drying? I hate being pale is it ok to get manicures (fake tips) and pedicures? (my toes are peeling like snake skin!) not sure if that might cause an infections due to the drilling on the nail does emu oil really help healing? if not what does the fastest? neosporin doesn't cut it for me and i use an antib
  5. I didn't have any luck with accupunture for acne- stress- yes it helped-skin no. I'm in the same boat. I'm on accutane now and I know it's working but I look worse now then i did 6 months ago. But I can say my face doesn't hurt anymore. All the cystic acne is gone. Just surface stuff that takes a while to heal and all the redness around it. But at our age we shouldn't have it. Give accutane a try, you seem to be at the break point, so why not. I'm here for ya if you need to vent. I know I do.
  6. I couldn't find anything natural that worked as a natural anti-depressant except exercise. I'm on a precripton anti-depressant for my mood swings and adderal to help me focus again. So far so good
  7. I guarantee nothing lol.

  8. awe thanks! His name is Kaiser Sosez :)

    Rottis are awesome, the best dog i've ever had. Just don't steal mine! LOL

  9. Awwww...your dog is adorable! Rottweiler right? My brother has one. I'm contemplating kidnapping the dog though lol.

  10. I'm currently on Day 22 of accutane and I'm wondering if my vitamins aren't enough. I take a multi vitamin (a prenatal one in fact to benefit my skin, hair and nails), fish oil, COQ10 (i haven't taken it that much though), and now a vitamin E supplement. Am I missing something? What's gonna help the most? Anything I should stay away from? Thanks!
  11. My parents didn't understand either. They said it was a part of growing up. Once school starts I suggest going to your school counselor and telling your feelings to them. If your parents aren't listening they could be a good mediator to help you get the point across in a civil way, and it's nic eto have an adult back you up too. I hope I helped
  12. My derm is in Va Beach but I'm currently up in Baltimore. I had to drive for a visit to get the booklet and sign off in it and so did he. But since then he's been calling in my accutane and he wrote my perscriptions for bloodwork in advance. If you bug them enough and get their email address and send updated photos of your progress they should help you. It took me years to get my derm to put me on it but ever since I got him to say yes he's been easy going with calling in everything.
  13. My boyfriend is receiving chemotherapy right now as I am on my accutane (day 17) He's always sleepy but I feel like I'm falling asleep more often then him... even at he hospital. I started taking anti depressants to try to see if that helps, he's always saying that he should be the lazy one not me. Is it me being lazy, am I thinking that it makes me tired and I'm over reacting? Please help, I don't want to be the bad lazy girlfriend. I just want to know if it really makes you this tired. Thank
  14. So still lots of redness and 2 spots that just won't heal. I was dry and flaking a bit so I scrubed my face and now they look like scabs, .....and make up doesn't cut it. And it hurts to smile. One new cystic one in my hair line and my lips are dry. But oh well, I'm just waiting. I feel like I keeping forgeting things lately ( take out the trash, where'd I put my keys) but I don't know if that's from the accutane or my other meds. The hardest thing so far is having to take my meds because you
  15. Yeah, it's the foam the doc gave me for my back- but it seems to help battle this IB ok. I kinda want to take my antibotic doryx to help heal from the inside out but I hear it increases pressure on the brain....still... it might be worth it. I have a baaaaaaaad habit of picking - i even scratch while watching tv and I dont even notice. I just wish the scabs would heal faster! Thanks for the support!