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  1. thank you!!! I actually found out i have those oil blotting sheets so it was perfect! :D and I'll def. use a clean white towel from now on when i do sports now
  2. During the day, (especially in the afternoon), my face would feel a bit oily. I'm on the Acne.org regimen so should i wash my face in the afternoon or not? What i was thinking about was simply using the cleanser around the afternoon to get rid of the oily feeling. However, I'm afraid I might wash off the BP and everything, and it would be bad for the regimen. What should i do? oh and another random question is if i sweat in sports like tennis and badminton what should i do to minimize the damage
  3. thanks for the response! btw, how can i find my tracking number on my order?? its been almost a week. EDIT: My order arrived today. it took around 6 business days for people who lived in the east coast were curious. thanks for responses guys!
  4. I ordered Dan's regimen around monday night and it still hasn't arrived (its now sunday)...I live in the East coast so how much longer would i have to wait????