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  1. I bought the clarisonic. I love it! its amazing!!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend it if your acne is mild to light. Made a big difference in the texture and clarity of my skin. Buy it on ebay its way cheaper.
  2. If anyone is curious as to how this worked out for me... I bought the brush on ebay because it was alot cheaper that way. I got it a few weeks ago and oh my god! I absolutely love it!!!! Before i got the brush my acne was pretty much cleared up but i still had really clogged pores under the surface. I've used the brush now for about 3 weeks and those little clogged pores are coming to the surface. My skin looks really good!!! i have a tiny blemish here and there but nothing bad. My skin looks an
  3. I use to break out in the area really bad too. Then i figured out every time i ate really sugary foods i broke out really bad. I found out that i have a very high amount of yeast build up in my intestines and the yeast feeds on the sugar. Your body then try to fight off the intestines and it causes your skin to break out. The guy up there^^^ that said it correlates with parts of your body is totally right. I dont know about it being your liver but i know for sure that mine was yeast. Try reducin
  4. I think that dan's aha is 10% and the neutrogena is like 4% or something like that. So basically dan's is stronger but it has the licorice root in it so it's really soothing. I like Dan's aha but I can't use it everyday because it can dry out my skin. I use it about twice a week with the regimen. It's a good product you should give it a try.
  5. Do you drink alot of soda or eat sugary foods? My nutritionist said that the area around your mouth will break out if there is a yeast build up in your system. The yeast feeds on sugar and causes you to break out. Try not eating anything with sugar for 2 weeks. Eat alot of iron rich foods and green veggies. Drink alot of water too, it will help flush out your system. It really made a difference in my whole face but my chin and sides of my mouth were my big problem areas.
  6. For the first time in years my skin is looking very clear. I'm on the Acne.org regimen and I'm using the clarisonic skin care brush every other night. I urge everyone to do the regimen. It took some time for it to give me really great results but everyone is noticing. My friends and family have been complimenting my skin and asking me what i've been doing. It's so great. I just added the skin care brush a little over a week ago and my skin looks so smooth. It's really delicate on your skin and i
  7. The Clarisonic skincare brush? It's sold on the sephora website and alot of the reviews claim that it has completely improved acne and acne scarring. Also it is said to be very very gentle. It's kinda expensive and I was curious if anyone else had seen dramatic improvments with this little machine.
  8. Ok so I know you have a lot of suggestions already but I'm going to post mine too... First of all, are you on a regimen??? Just switching your makeup if you already have pretty severe acne won't help you at all. You're pores are probably clogged from putting on crappy drug store makeup and then not treating it properly. I love Dan's regimen, it is the only thing that has ever worked for me. I've been on it since mid July and I currently have one pimple on my face, yay! for me!!! Second you nee
  9. looks like a bug bite or you're allergic to something outside. I'm allergic to this plant that my neighbor has on our side of the drive way and everytime I wear shorts and i accidently brush by it I get this weird itchy rash. If it starts to spread it might be poison ivy. But probably not if you're in your yard.
  10. Does anyone know a good method or product that will unclog my pores. They are super clogged and look like little white bumps under my skin and I really don't want to start accutane. Do you know of another way?
  11. What are you using this for, scars or acne? I'm curious to see how this goes for you.
  12. scrubs just irritate your skin and make your acne worse. It's good to exfoliate but you have to do it gently. I would use it like once a week or every other week, at night. Just splash your face with warm water a few times then use the scrub and go in really gentle circles, avoiding the skin around your eyes. Don't use your cleanser too it'll probably be too much. Make sure to use a moisturizer as you are exposing new skin and that can sometimes lead to dryness. Just don't overdue it.
  13. The absolute best product you can use that is not very expensive is Clinique. They have a variety of different foundations..from powder to liquid, to tinted moisturizers. I use their Perfectly Real Makeup foundation. It goes on really creamy and then sets to an almost powder like feel. I use a translucent powder (blended face powder - Also by clinique) just to set everything. My makeup lasts all day! and I never look cakey. Also it might be the moisturizer you are using. When I wear a moisturi
  14. I really want to find a good makeup remover that can also be a nice gentle cleanser. I've been using cliniques rinse-off foaming cleanser and it nice for removing my makeup but I don't know if its gentle enough and I feel like it just removes my make up and i have to wash again with something else which is a big NO NO on the DK regimen. I've tried just using dan's cleanser but it doesn't remove my make up very well. Help?! Any suggestions on products?
  15. I'm curious to know how everyones experience using the AHA has been? Mine has been pretty good so far but I wish it were better. I'm still breaking out here and there, and I still have some clogged pores. I'm curious... -How long did it take to clear you up? -Did your scars fade? -Do you use it day and night? -Did it work for you in some other way other than Acne/scar improvement? -Did you use BP with the AHA? -Did it stop working for you eventually? Or whatever other info you want to give