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  1. That's interesting. I have a few friends with acne, and I'll have to get them to try this for future reference. So far, more oxygen=less acne. I have a few other people confirmed this working for them. Better than having dry skin, liver tests, or spending 10-20 minutes daily rubbing things on your face.
  2. I stayed with another side of my family a few weeks ago, and amazingly I didn't get one pimple. I didn't know what it was, because I would eat foods worse for me than normally, I didn't exercise any more than normal. Never left that house. But my acne disappeared. I think I figured it out, because when I came back home, it came back. At first I thought it was the water, then the diet, and I realized. There is a clear difference in air flow here and there. I did a little research, and sure enough
  3. I changed my diet, and my acne has completely disappeared because of it. In the past I've used dozens of different treatments, none of which have worked long-term, but changing my diet hasn't failed me. I eliminated dairy, and eat much less processed foods. Really, that's all it took. I sometimes eat ice cream or cheese, and I might get a zit or two from it, but I'm comfortable with finally being in control of my acne. My problem is that to other people, I still have it. They don't see any pimpl
  4. Do you eat a lot of dairy products, pasta, white bread? Are you drinking enough water? I have/had the same problem. Dairy products contain hormones, and things that create hormones. Your body stopped being able to filter or digest these things properly a while after you stopped breast feeding. Which wasn't a problem until pubirty, because then you have a million new hormones. Your body gets overwhelmed, which leads to your skin creating more sebum(sp?) which in turn will cause a lot of acne. Al
  5. It's better that you let your skin heal. Acne is discouraging, but if you're having this much discomfort, something is wrong.
  6. I'm going to face it, it's a hormone problem for me. I didn't have acne when I was a kid, puberty is the only time I really got it. I'm 17 now, and my body isn't going to stop with these hormones for quite a while. My acne has definately died down, but I've noticed it flaring up only when I eat certain foods. Now, I eat a lot of candy. A lot. Along with a lot of carbs and dairy products. I cleared out diary, and it got better. Do you think if I stop chowing down on the skittles and pasta that I