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  1. I totally get what you're saying. It's not just a diet thing either...this "know-it-all" attitude shared by those who don't suffer from acne spans to many other areas. If they're not talking about diet, they're telling you that you need to wash your face more often, or do this or do that. And seriously, if it was just that easy, these discussion boards and the desperate search for an acne cure wouldn't exist. Also, these ignorant people make it sound like it's your fault that you have acne. Like
  2. Is it because you picked at them? Do only pus zits leave scars or even red bumps? I am on like week 2 of using a RETIN-A 0.025 % CREAM. My dermatologist also has me on SULFACETAMIDE-SULFUR 10-5 % (W/V) LOTION which is an antibiotic and has sulfur to dry stuff out (replacement for BP since it burned myskin). I started out just putting on the SULFACETAMIDE-SULFUR 10-5 % (W/V) LOTION once a night and washing my face with Cetaphil gentle cleanser morning and night. I moisturized both in the
  3. I haven't tried scarzone. I was using some other acne scar cream by the brand vita k, but I discontinued use after a week because my skin broke out badly. However, I was using lemon juice (for scarring) and this new toner, so any one of those 3 could've been the cause of my recent breakout (which has thankfully cleared), but I stopped using the scar cream just in case. Yeah, I heard cocoa butter is good for scars and stretch marks. I'm too afraid to use it on my face because my skin is soooo fin
  4. You're welcome, flower child! I also want to note that RA doesn't make your skin invincible either. So that's a downside. I thought that as long as I used it consistently, other things wouldn't irritate my skin and break it out. However, I started using some different foundation and tried a couple different facial masks and a toner, and I guess my skin didn't like it and now I'm recovering from a breakout. So, I don't recommend changing up your skin care routine. The best results I've gotten wit
  5. Keep with it!! My derm recommended the same regimen for my moderate acne. RAM and doxycycline. It took almost 4 months (not exactly 6 weeks) to finally see results. The first 2 months I suffered from a red, flakey, horrible broken out face. But I continued to consistently use it, because I like to give new acne regimens a good couple months before giving up on them. Don't get discouraged, because my skin looks a lot better. However, I've been on it for almost 7 months now and it hasn't done a
  6. i'm in the same boat. i was on the DKR and it totally ruined my skin, leaving me with tons of red marks all over my cheeks. i have tried everything, and i have to agree with whoever said it, but the only thing that's helped is time and a good concealer! haha. i stopped the DKR four months ago and cleared up (for the most part) on a different regimen, but the red marks are still around but are getting lighter. i'm sure using like ACV and aspirin masks, stuff like that, help towards lightening sca
  7. yeah, straight on looking in the mirror it just looks like i just have red marks, but like in the car when the sunroof is open and i look in the mirror it looks like they are indented, but when i touch my red marks it just feels smooth. so i don't know if it's just a trick of the light or if i really have indentions.
  8. this is my 4th week, and my acne has gotten a bit worse. i'm not sure if i should continue, but there's not much else i can do because i've tried every other stupid acne thing out there (except accutane, i'm never going there). i've broken out with a huge pimple near my nose, one like half-way on my lip, a cyst on my chin, a cyst on my forehead, and about 8 other pimples. i really hate this.
  9. i know, in my case, it made me breakout when i first started, and never stopped. i used to have like 5 pimples max on my face and after using acne.org's regimen i would have about 20-30 on my face at any given time. i used it for about 2.5 months and it kept getting worse, i had acne everywhere, and it never showed any sign of clearing up. i've switched regimen's and my skin is slowly getting back to normal. but this is just me, i'm sure it's different for everyone.
  10. i haven't noticed my diet helping or hindering my acne problem. i'm on a much healthier diet now (no soda, more fruits and veggies, no meat, and organic snacks) and my acne has never been this bad. but i did notice in the week i was drinking green smoothies, my acne was lessening. and stress doesn't really seem like a factor either. i'm under less stress in college than i was in high school and even then my skin looked a lot better. who knows.
  11. so i'm on my second week of bothla's regimen. the acne on my cheeks have gotten maybe 10% better, but i broke out on my forehead (it's gone now, though). i have not gotten any on my jawline though, like a couple people have complained about. and i still haven't re-broken out on my chin (thank goodness, because that was a hot spot for acne before dan's and bothla's regimen). as of now i'm going to say my acne is about 15% better, but i wasn't excepting a miracle this soon. i wish i had never trie
  12. my boyfriend saw me when we were in high school and thought i was the cutest thing he'd ever seen. even though i had acne, braces, and awkward frizzy hair. i had no clue who he was, he was a grade ahead of me and had huge muscles and hair down to his butt (which he was growing out to donate). haha. he cut his hair (so i didn't recognize him) and ate lunch with my group one day and my crush developed. we had never spoken to each other, had seen each other only a couple times, and didn't know each
  13. i started this regimen last night. i was currently on dan's regimen, but my face is just too red and really really flakey from it. and the flakiness is worse than my acne, i think. my acne right now is probably moderate. and after using it for just one night, 10 new pimples popped up this morning. but i think the regimen was just bringing them to a head (i hope). I'm doing exactly what botchla said. and i'll let you all know how my progression goes.
  14. i personally like shaggy hair, like covering the ears. but it's not that big of an issue, because when i first met my boyfriend of two years, his hair was buzzed and now it's past his shoulders and i was still attracted to him and still am.