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  1. QUESTION: From my knowlege of Biology, when you go through heavy exercise you body undergoes Glycolysis, a form of metabolism where oxygen is not required. The waste product of Glycolysis is Lactic Acid, and is harmful in large amounts so it must be excreted. Isn't a fair portion of the Lactic Acid excreted onto the face as a component of sweat? My skin always feels smoother and healthier when it is soaked in sweat. My experience is that daily intense exercise and sweating helps my skin sig
  2. Neutrogena is a very safe bet for starting the regimen.
  3. I agree with the above post. Only keep the cleanser on for a couple seconds, that does the most drying. If the BP contributes to the drying also, just use it once a day for a while. And moisturize twice a day, be sure that you are really rubbing it well into your skin so the moisturizer gets absorbed.
  4. actually the bar I am currently using has aloe vera in it. It is called Basis bar soap for sensitive skin. Not sure where you can buy it, but good luck. It's really gentle, and inexpensive. Try a bar.
  5. It could be effective if you took B5 as a supplement and not the full dosage. It's also good to have your skin a little oily during the first week of the regimen because I think it reduces the side effects of introducing high BP doses to your skin.
  6. thank you so much for this information. I'll try the ones that sound best.
  7. Make sure you watch Dan's video of applying the moisturizer again. If you don't rub the moisturizer in gently for a long enough time it won't get absorbed into your skin, and won't work. Also if the BP is too harsh try BP once a day and moisturizer twice a day for a week or so, then ramp up.
  8. http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=7961
  9. Moisturize? I'm asking to see what percentage of people actually moisturize daily, and if it's really a necessary component of any regimen.
  10. This right here is wisdom. Follow this advice exactly. I have found that using purpose bar soap on my back, neck, and chest eliminated 90% of acne. However this only works if you do it consistently. You must lather the soap and wash your back once a day EVERY day. Recently I tried switching to clearasil bar soap instead of purpose, and it actually made my skin a bit more smoother than purpose did. Don't mess with saliyc acid on your back. Besides, with a shirt on people won't notice it.
  11. I have a question. If I take Xian on top of Dan's BP regimen will the products complement each other or act against each other? I could combine them, or try them one at a time if combining them could cancel out the effectiveness. Any suggestions?
  12. thank you for the reply. No, there's no allergy involved. I have never been allergic to anything in my life. Actually today I watched Dan's videos a few times and I think I was not letting my skin absorb the moisturizer enough. Also I was too harsh with the cleanser. Can you guys give me some more possible moisturizers and I will look into Jason's 98% aloe vera . Thanks.
  13. also I want to add something. Today I just used neutrogena moisturizer on my skin after a gentle cleansing. Even without the BP, moisturizer alone is seemingly irritating my skin. My skin feels hot and irritated... Thanks very much about that suggestion, i will make sure to minimize the time spent with cleanser on my face.
  14. My acne is moderate, bearable. But my main problem is the condition of my skin. It's terrible. Redness and inflammation everywhere. The texture of my skin is the opposite of smooth. There are creases above my cheeks and from my eyes to the tops of my ears. My eyes also feel a bit inflammed; they are red with some darkened skin on the inside corners. The skin on my shoulders is really smooth, but it is the opposite on my face. I think my PH balance is all out of wack, due in a large part
  15. What are you talking about? Your face will become immune to the BP? I think you mean the bacteria. And also that's not really possible, from my knowledge of biology. I do agree that moistureizer messes up your skin's PH balance. But don't go around shouting that the regimen is bad just because it didn't work for you. There's over 100 acne treatments out there and infinite combinations of them. If benzoyl peroxide doesn't work for you, get something else. It works for a lot of people.