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  1. Hey guys...well it seems that my face has decided to go nuts and has been breaking out for the past 2 weeks. What's bothering me most is this big pimple right in the middle of my forehead. I've never really had anything like this before. It's just a red bump. It doesn't go down, it doesn't have a white head, it just sits there. The top layer of skin has tried off of it, so it's hard to cover w/makeup. I've been putting salicylic acid on it and spot treating w/Queen Helene's mint mask at ni
  2. So I had a regular pimple that wasn't a big deal. I thought I spotted a whitehead on it so I decided to try and pop it. Well nothing came out and the next day it was much bigger and much more red. I left it alone for a couple of days. It didn't seem to be getting worse or better. Since then, I"ve given it a squeeze two more times. Nothing has come out and what's left is a BIG red bump and now the area around it is red too. It's driving me absolutely crazy. I didn't even go to school toda
  3. I've tried the egg thing and it didn't really work for me. But some people have had really great results. For me, the best thing to take away red marks has been using Glycolix cleansing pads. I start out w/the lowest concentration which is 5%, but you can go up to 20%. Whatever you think your face will tolerate. They're only like $12 and you can order it online. They work really well and not only do they remove the red marks, but they make your skin really soft and smooth. I also use Effe
  4. So i had this pimple that started out as relatively small. Slowly but surely it grew to pretty massive proportions. So today i decided I would pop it. Well i got some stuff out, but mostly, I just made it worse. It started bleeding, I know i didn't get it all out and since I broke the skin, there's no way make up is covering this up. It's not pretty. So, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this go away? Any products that would be helpful?
  5. I've been using the advantage cleanser for a few weeks and so far i love it. It's really helped clear up the left side of my face. My right side isn't terrible, but as good as the left. It smells nice and leaves my face feeling really soft. When I first started using it, i would get little whiteheads, nothing too bad. But now its a lot better. I'm considering using the other advantage products. So i would definitely recomend it. GOod luck to you.
  6. I tried it and personally didnt' see any difference. It's a good moisturizer, but i dont think it does much to prevent the oil.
  7. Hey everyone. Well i was on the sonya dakar website the other day and remembered that Britney Spears and other celebrities use her line and decided to give it a try. It's so expensive though, that I was only able to afford 2 products. I bought the mud lavender wash and the aromasol toner. After i purchased it though, i read some really terrible reviews. I wanted to know if any of you have had any experience w/these or any of her products. They're sitting here unopened and I'm still debatin
  8. I've been working at a really fancy spa for about a month now, and i noticed the skin care specialist uses and swears by pevonia botanicals skin care line. I'm so tempted to buy the products specifically designed for acne, but since they're on the expensive side, I'd like to know if other people have had good results with them. If you've used this line, did it help? How long did it take? Was it worth the money? Thanx a lot!
  9. Well i'm not on yasmin nor have i been on any other birth control, but my best friend uses it. She actually uses it for birth control purposes b/c she has perfect skin. But what i wanted to say was even her, who's skin is really flawless, started to break out a little when she first started using it. She's been on it for a few weeks now, probably a little more than a month, and she's doing fine and isnt breaking out anymore. So even people with perfect skin breakout when they first use this
  10. I always say that if the gross white stuff is visible, go for it. It makes it go away a lot faster that way. But if it has no visible head and its just a red bump, then definitely not. Thats when things get ugly.
  11. Hey guys. Well my face has actually not been too bad lately but I broke out in 2 very red and very swollen pimples right next to each other. Perfect! So I was wondering what would be the best way to bring down the swelling and reduce the redness b/c right now they are not pretty. thanx a lot!
  12. Are you using the Regenerist serum or cream? I've been dying to try the serum. I've heard that it works really well to clear up red marks and make the skin softer. But before i spend the money, I'd like to know if it works for most people and what i heard wasnt just an exception. Thanx
  13. i have a similar problem. In my case, its like the texture of my skin is totally different on the left than it is on the right. One is a little less smooth, but breaks out in actual pimples less. Its really weird.
  14. Hey guys...I've been using Dermablend for a while and i'm very happy with the coverage I get. I always wash with the face wash i buy at my derms office, but I was curious to know if anyone has used the Dermablend make up remover. I'm scared to use it b/c i dont want to break out. If anyone's used it, please tell me your results. Thanx a lot.
  15. Retin A Micro is NOT for sever cystic acne. That's what accutane is for. RetinA is usually used for moderate cases. If you've started to see improvement on your forehead, then its probably working. The bottom half may be bad b/c it's still bringing everything out to the surface. You should definitely use it for at least 12 weeks b4 giving up on it. If you dont think you're acne is improving after that, then go back to your derm. But it usually takes about 12 weeks or even more b4 u start