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  1. Well I figured that its obvious that the shaving cream and such itself would have a "residue" so i just assumed it was the strip. Shaving has come along way you know $ And yeah, I don't see what zero did wrong? I am always careful to make sure something I am doing will not purposly cause acne. Just as I don't eat specific foods so I can maintain a 5 percent body fat and build muscle. Nothing wrong with taking care of yourself cosmeticly.
  2. The slimey stuff is coming off the strip on the razor. This helps it glide better and reduce cuts, etc. It won't cause breakout, just wash well afterwards.
  3. I used it a long time ago for about 2 months, it helped slightly, but only like a 10 percent improvement (I did not vote yet ). I used that basis bar, then bp and then a whatever moisturizer I was told to use. My main problem was the flakey crap, so I quit the regimen due to its high maintainence, minimal improvement, high cost and embarasing flakey stuff.
  4. I only put water on my face and I still can't tan Lucky I embrace my whiteness =D>
  5. Considering it acts as a makeup of sorts, I would assume it would get in the way of tanning.
  6. Your doctor is wrong. Tetracycline is really a placeobo (sp?) of sorts. One of my doctors said food can cause acne, another one said it couldn't. Doctors don't always know everything, they only try to act like they do.
  7. I have never tried this method (vinegar).. Would I be correct in assuming wal mart brand apple cide vinegar would not be good?
  8. No, you can use a debit card, checking account or savings account even.
  9. Its a trust thing really. With the exception of one time, I have had a good experience on paypal. So I just use them when I can.
  10. Eh? I generally only talk to attractive women as well. Now if some ugly chic comes to talk with me thats cool, but she better not expect a date.. All women assume that because I talk to them, that I am looking for a date. Can't we just have platonic relationships sometimes? ](*,) Is it shallow? Yeah, all of us are shallow. Not a single one of us is not shallow, and im talking in terms of looks here. I do have some ugly chic friends, but they know I would not want to date them, so I ha
  11. I hope so, then I might test it out (the bp) someday.
  12. All of this is BS. Tetracycline is one of the worst acne fighters in history, it only fights one type of bacteria, which is not the one all of us have, and even if you do its only mildly effective. The product also causes a discoloration of the skin, adverse effects to dairy products, hurts vision and screws up your teeth. Milk does not cause acne. The theory would be because it is injected with hormones, however there are brands that do not have this. Also, I did in fact go off of milk for a
  13. I am 18 and my acne has improved but its still not gone. It seems that if you get acne early on, you most likely don't get it later on in life, and the same works for the reverse (people who don't get it early, get it later). Imo (not founded) acne with males has something to do with facial hair. I notice that as my beard slowly becomes "fuller" the acne slightly reduces, I also don't see many young people will full beards that have acne issues. Etc. I knew a guy who had acne, but once
  14. I used moisturizers before and it only made the flaking worse, I presume my skin did not want to absorb all that crap I was putting on it.. I don't use any acne products now and its actually better then it was before :-k But its still there sadly, im still waiting for that miracle
  15. wouldn't that make it less effective? Also the old bp turned white and flakey regaurdless of my daily task, being it physically active or being in front of a pc all day..