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  1. Hi James, Yes I did have it on my neck also. The development of my neck was fairly similar to my face, during the four months on accutane the spots themselves left, but red marks were evident for about six weeks afterwards until completely disappeared. Another thing I forgot to mention is that whilst on accutane new spots should not be forming, and old ones should dissapear. However the skin cannot heal very well on accutane because it is so dry, so I found that when I came off accutane althou
  2. Yeah its annoying. The best thing i found for the cracking of the side of the lips is E45 moisturiser. Rub this into the side of the lips and in about 48 hours they will be perfect. Its great because when you rub in this mouisuriser, it means there not dry without looking oily. I could actually open my mouth without it hurting or cracking Hope this helps
  4. Hiya I have the exact same problem. I have been on accutane for four months now. Most of the cysts have gone, there not raised but just left red marks which are fading quite quickly. But on my back i have about 5 raised cyst things but it dosnt seem to be like acne. They are harder, and dont seem to contain anything. Whilst all the other acne is going they are staying the same. I have a couple on my chest aswell. I have an review with my derm next Sunday and I'll ask him what it is and how it
  5. Thanks, I wish him all the best. Just forgot to note, for all those thinking of taking accutane and are worried about the initial breakout, i wouldnt say mine got much worse in the first couple of months. For me and alot of others I have read about the third month is where magic really begins. Current side effects: Dry skin on face - slap on a bit of E45 moisturiser in the morning and it is completely unoticable Dry lips - common side effect, Im not going to lie, it really sucks lol. Can
  6. Have you tried any treatment like chemical peels or laser treatment? Im guna have scars but not sure what treatment to have.
  7. yeah I got oily skin before starting accutane. Really annoying it was. A few days in even you will notice a reducion in oil production. I rekon my face stopped producing oil altogether about 8 weeks after I started, which is quite weird going from one extreme to the other. It gradually affects different parts of the body i found. For example, on my face my jaw got dryer first, then forhead, then cheeks. Maybe affects areas with less "fat" first? It also depends on your dosage. But at the mom
  8. Im three months in and I had no initial breakout. I wouldnt say it got better for a while, but I dont think it got any worse. Accutane is clearing me up though, and im only on a 40mg dosage. Stick with it, you may not see much change over the first couple of months but then it works magic.