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  1. I did my first home chemical peel this past Monday and I think it's worked great so far. The pigmentation has only gone down a little, which I guess is to be expected after only one application, but the random pimples that I had when I did it were completely flattened out within three days. I know they say to do this once per week, but would it be safe if I decided to do it on Sunday instead of waiting the full seven days? I want to get in the habit of doing them on Sunday nights, and am hopin
  2. Have you been finding many other negative side effects of Accutane? I only ask because I've heard stories of people having moderate joint and muscle pain after taking it. I'm wondering how you're doing after five courses.
  3. I'm supposed to use Duac in the A.M. and Differin in the P.M. However, my face is so dried out, probably in large part due to the weather. My skin is peeling and red, and when I do put moisturizer on after the medications, there's a strong burning sensation, I assume because of the dryness. I seem to be over the initial breakout period, and am only getting a few pimples each week. My question is, if I were to start using one of the medications only once every other day, which would be recommend
  4. Anytime someone makes the insinuation that people have acne because they're dirty, I act completely obnoxious and say something like, "You mean, the only thing I have to do to get this crap off my face is take a bath? OMG! If only I'd known, all this time all I needed to do was wash my face. It's amazing that there's an entire industry of doctors who make a living off of trying to help people get rid of their acne when all that's needed is a shower. Wow! Don't let this information get out, or el
  5. I just wanted to make this post while I still felt good, so I could go back to it and remember that feeling later. I've been so depressed over my acne lately. My doc prescribed me Aczone, and it seriously inflamed my skin (it apparently works wonders for other people, I was just unlucky). My skin has been so bad lately, but now with some new stuff my doc has prescribed, it's starting to get better. It's still pretty bad, but I know it can't get completely better overnight. I just have to be ha
  6. OK ya'll. I just got back from my dermatologist, and he has decided to take me off the Aczone. He says that the Differin does cause a breakout in some, but the Aczone should be controlling it much better than it has. It also shouldn't be causing me to itch so badly either, but he said that could also be compounded by the horribly cold weather we are having right now. Here's the plan we decided. He's going to put me on Duac in the morning, Differin at night, and Ampicillin orally. After a few mo
  7. I was reading in your stickied post that Differin isn't a true retinoid. What does this mean, and how does it differ from other retinoids in actual application? Are there any benefits to using an actual retinoid that you won't get from Differin? Thanks!
  8. Thanks! I want to get some suggestions because I'm going to see my derm tomorrow. He's a good doctor, he's gotten several of my friends clear, but he's a little spacey, kind of like a mad scientist. So it's helpful to have things to talk to him about to try and direct the conversation.
  9. I'm experiencing the initial breakout and I want to see if anyone can recommend a good moisturizer to use with it. I don't want to aggravate the acne, but my skin is so dry. Right now, I have Purpose Redness Reducing Moisturizer with SPF. It seems to be alright, just a little greasy, and I'm looking for something lighter. What do you all say?
  10. I'm definitely getting an IB from the two, like I said above. Not sure which is the actual culprit, but I also notice that I'm very itchy where I use the Aczone as well. I was going to talk to my doctor about it to see if it was some sort of reaction, or if it was just how the Aczone works. I'll let you know after I talk to him Wednesday if it's not normal.
  11. I've tried so many treatments over the years, and I'm looking to try anything before going on accutane. I was wondering if any men out there have been on Spiro before and if it's recommended? Have you had any success?
  12. My derm gave this to me recently and he very specifically told me that I was not to just spot treat pimples with it, I should spread it all over. If you do it might help stop the pimples that you're getting before you get them. From what I can understand, they're not completely sure what it is that Aczone does to help your skin, only that it does. With that in mind, you should probably just put it all over your face, in case its not so effective on reducing pimples, but much more so on stopp
  13. Glad to hear that it's working for you. I'm still experiencing a bit of the IB, and my face has started to get moderately dry and peel. It's not so horrible that a light moisturizer can't help, but it's still a little uncomfortable. I'm glad to hear that the Aczone didn't give you an IB. I might go a little lighter on the Differin for the time being, maybe every other day, just to let my skin get used to it and let the Aczone fight the pimples without the Differin bringing so many up. BTW, lov
  14. My doctor has started me on a regimen of Aczone twice a day (morning and night) and Differin once a day (over the Aczone at night). No oral prescriptions, and only Purpose cleanser before application. I've only been on it since Tuesday (1/20), and I'm experiencing what I guess is to be expected; an initial breakout from the Differin is forming. I do have to say that the combination doesn't seem to irritate my skin to a great degree. Some mild drying, no peeling or redness. It's working out much
  15. When I started eating the Activia, I was eating about two of those little cartons per day. After the first week, I went down to one carton per day. I noticed clearing right about the time that I finished the two week cycle. I'm also using Duac 2x a day on my face. My acne was moderate, a lot of little pimples, with the occasional larger cystic one. I'd say I'd get about one to two larger pimples per week. About two weeks after finishing the Activia, I also stopped taking my antibi