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  1. I had to post this update...my son came home for the week end wow what a difference 2 weeks can make the tane is working miracles on his face. NO actives at all only red marks left....he went to the derm for his 4th month treatment. They will keep him on 80 mg for 2 more months to hopefully cure his acne. Anybody ever heard of staying on tane 2 months longer when no actives are on the face? He looks fantastic by the way and it shows in his mood and outlook. He hates the medicine yet he is afra
  2. Goooooooood I came on the site tonight just to see if you were OK. This is fantastic you look and feel better. My son is acne free however he has skin that can look good one minute and rought the next with flammed red marks. The worst thing is he is so down from the medicine...what do you think could this medicine cause him to be so down. I wish I knew how to help him. I forgot to say my son skates on his board all the time....I am so glad he has his board to turn to....you?
  3. I have been following your progress, I sure hope in a few days you will be posting a new story one that says everthing is under control now. Drinking would be so hard on your liver with accutane...give your liver a break....I sure hope you will get over this episode quick.
  4. Update....son started tane 7/16/08 Unbelievable from 9/5/08 when I went to my Sons College and felt so sorry for him because of the tane side effects see 1st post above........HOWEVER he came home this past week end and he looks fantastic I couldn't believe it, really it's unbelievable. I asked him if he is still experiencing side effects and he said O YEA but I am going to finish this course. Wow what a difference 15 days can make.
  5. I agree with all the above post you look fantastic.
  6. Yep I agree you do look fantastic....if it is rosaeca a cream called metrogel or cream usually cures the problem. Symptoms of rosaeca for me are flushing with wine, exercise or quick weather change. Metrocream holds my flushing at bay.
  7. Wooo Hoo Missy I was wondering where you were so glad to read your face is clear of those unmerciful cirtters. Hugs meme
  8. Walk the wire My son looked at your post today and started laughing....hmmmm I wonder what he was laughing at. ha Thanks All who posted you are a good group of fine people on this site.
  9. Thanks for your support I think for now he is going for one more month which will get him through 3 months. I sure hope he can last however long it takes to clear him up.
  10. Thank you both for posting it gave me much help in searching information on the net for low and high dose. Thanks so much
  11. Son was given choice to low dose for long time or high dose to get it over with quicker. Please tell me the advantage of taking low dose longer. When I say low dose the doc gave him a choice of 40mg for a longer duration or 80mg to get it over with quicker. Please if you read this and you did low dose can you tell me what your side affects were. My sons face is flamming red and the doc says that is normal.
  12. 18 year old son was hoping to start college with skin that looked better than it did when he first started tane on 7/16/08. Anyway from the top month 1 ..40 mg daily month 2 ..40 mg daily and xtra pills of 40 mg on Mon. Wed. Fri. The derm in our home town had him on multi vitamin everyday...she also said his course would be 4 months. Started college 4 hours away and switched derms...new doc has him on 80 mg a day ..NO Vitamin and said this course will take as long as it takes to work…. up t
  13. Sorry 4 such a late reply. Now about my walls. They're juat fancy wallpaper. Promise!

    Have a nice Day!=)

  14. Your story has been really good to follow I convey to my son and it gives him hope and a desire to run the course. So happy for you...there are plenty on here who would love to be in your shoes no zits and one scab. I hope your skin stays clear forever. hugs meme