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  1. THANK YOU to you sir! you just answered more questions than i had actually asked but wanted to know. i'm not following any bodybuilder stuff and i dont overwork it and i have 1 day rest between each workout. i just wanted to make sure that my workouts are maximised to their full potential but figured it doesn't really matter and its not worth for the change you will be getting. thanks again.
  2. you need at least about 40 grams of protein after a workout, eggs is a good idea.. forgot bout that, its too hard to maintain a protein diet of cooking meat all the time + you should be moderating the red meat aparently. so..... fish (tuna, salmon etc) eggs nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews) meat (chicken, liver and some other red meats) anything there i shouldn't be eating cuz of acne? i guess that would be my diet. thanks.
  3. how long until the bp would clear up the whiteheads? and can you buy jojoba oil or AHA like the ones Dan sells in Australia, at like the pharmacy or something?
  4. i do light resistance training regularly so i dont "over-testosteronate" my body hehe. i cant take any dairy which i need for weight gain. i should cut down on most bad meats. can i still eat tuna and nuts? where else can i get my workout protein from without it affecting my acne? is whey protein safe?
  5. i'm pretty clear with pimples of the sort at the moment. my problem now is i have too many whiteheads around my nose and on my forehead. there are also some small blackheads on my nose. i wanna know what will clear those up because i have been using benzoyl peroxide for almost a year and it doesn't seem to help them. i've just started using st ives apricot cleanser. how long would it take for the whiteheads to disappear using this cleanser and does the bp affect whiteheads/blackheads at all?
  6. does the 10% benzoyl peroxide work as a spot treatment while on the regimen? i currently cant get my hands on the AHA creams. anyone else know any other good spot treatments? i got differin but i dont know whether i should try it or not... especially since aparently u get a bad breakout first and then it heals over time.