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  1. also. I got a clarisonic brush that I have been using for the last month. Should i continue that if I go with the new Meds? I can't tell if it helps yet or not but it cost 300$ so I don't want to give up on it yet.
  2. Hey guys, Quick background. Acne for last 10 years. Several years of very severe, face, chest, and back. Back and chest are clear now. Never have had a clear face. Really want to put all this Acne BS in my past. Acne causes me depression and anxiety. Past treatments: OTC benzoyl peroxide OTC salicylic acid Proactiv Retin-A Clindamyacin Facials Chemical Peels Minocycline Smooth Beam Laser V beam laser Accutane Diet Changes Vitamin Regimines Holistic approaches etc... So I recently
  3. I wanted to post some photos so I could show you guys what my skin looks like and if it looks to irritated or not. It says I have 0 attachments but my attachment space is 987.26k of 1000k. So I don't have enough space to upload a photo. How can I upload some photos? Thanks
  4. Quick background. Age 22. Acne for the past 9 years. Not one single day without acne. Very severe and cystic at times. Have never actually had it under control no matter what I do. Now I have wide spread red marks and wide spread shallow scarring and some acne only 15-20 pus filled lesions instead of 100-120. And black heads/clogged pores. Maybe 40-50 of them. I took accutane which did not work at all. I had a terrible initial breakout followed by severe side effects in which my doct
  5. Vaporize!!! But yeah i know weed isn't bad for you. WEED FOR LIFE. This is kinda the reason that I think my acne isn't caused by diet. I have been an athlete my whole life and I have always eaten all the healthy foods you talk about. Raw spinach and carrots raw veggies raw celery, I love that shit. I will eat any vegetable raw. I usually snack on the raw vegetables while I am cooking a meal with them. Yeah, I used to eat unhealthy foods also... but were they the only reason I had
  6. well i was eating that diet and living that lifestyle for 4 1/2 months. So, "do some research". Maybe you need to do some research. Clearly diet doesn't effect everyones acne or no one would have acne anymore. Dipshit. The cause of acne is clearly different for all people and its possible diet could have nothing to do with acne and in others it would be the only reason. That is what I am trying to find out. I've had acne for 9 years. And in the time period I've lived for extended per
  7. Well at one point about a 1 1/2 years ago I did have clear skin ( almost). It only lasted for a few weeks but at that point I had a terrible diet because I was on the road traveling, camping alot, not taking care of my skin perfectly. Eating fast food. Gas station food. Drinking alcohol alot. And smoking weed every day. So if my skin got better at one point and it had nothing to do with diet does that mean that my acne is not effected by diet? And now that I have been on an diet eli
  8. Why do people think that eggs are dairy? What part of the cow do you think they come from? How would a water fast clear my skin exactly, if there is research to back up this claim I would be willing to try it. The cysts and nodules on my face seem like if I suddenly had a magical cure to acne they would still take a few weeks to fully heal. Are you clear from your current diet? How long have you had acne and what was the severity? I am just so frustrated right now. My acne does not
  9. Clear skin in 4 days? That is not physically possible for me. I don't think you under stand how bad my acne is. At best I am hoping to have clear skin 1 year from now. On my 23 birthday.
  10. My diet can't possibly get any better. I eat most of my meals at a Live Food Cafe, 100% raw live food. The rest of the food I eat is a protein based meal with vegetables. I don't eat much fruit. But I do have fruit daily. EX. Breakfast: Egg whites with mushrooms, onions, peppers, and turkey bacon. Dinner: Fresh Trout Filet, with asparagus, green salad, and lemon. Supplements I take. Vitamins C, D, E Fish oil with Vitamin A Calcium/magnisium Zinc Aloe Vera Juice Probiotic
  11. I have been on a No Gluten, No Dairy, No Soy, No Sugar diet for 1 month now and have seen zero results. I still wake up every morning with new pimples. My skin is just as oily, I can literally see oil come out of my pores. And I still am getting acne on my chest and back as well. If this is going to have any effect would I have seen some kind of change by now? Should I try to stick with this diet? It is killing me, Food is my life. I love food. All food. I love cooking. Being on th
  12. I had to stop accutane do to side effects after 5 weeks. So all I got out of accutane was an absolutley terrible IB. My skin losing its ability to heal and about 60 scars. Also joint pain was one of the main reasons I stopped and now 3 weeks after stopping I am still having joint pain and joint problems. My joints hurt just while laying in bed. Even the all the joints in my fingers hurt. It seems like my joints will fill with gas making it hard to move the joints untill that crack. Th
  13. I've seen 5 different professionals in the last year. 3 therapists and 2 phyciatrists. I've taken anti-depressents. Nothing seems to help me. I try to be as strong as possible. But I am so broken. I don't want to quit, but I can't find the energy to even think. I feel worn down and beaten. My face is in constant pain, my body is in constant pain. And the emotional pain in unbearable. I have really bad vision which I never corrected with glasses when I was younger. I had glasses
  14. Yeah i've read that before. I just keep getting worse. For the last year everyday seemed to have gotten worse than the day before even though I am doing everything possible to do the opposite. I have such insane rushes of anger and violence. I just suddenly feel over taken by uncontrolable rage. I break things, hit things, cut things. I hit myself. I've punched a wall and broken my hand. I've caused probably 2000$ of damage to my house. I wake up, walk by the mirror and see mysel
  15. i've been waiting almost a decade and I can't wait any more. I thought I hated acne when I was 15, now I'm 22 and its only gotten worse by the day with no end in sight. It has absolutly ruined my life in every way. I have nothing to live for. Noone to live for. Getting out of bed has been my biggest acomplishment of 2008.