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  1. I heard somewhere that icing can reduce swelling and redness in acne. Is this true, or will it just make things worse?
  2. Hey everyone, Im on about my third week of the regimen. everything was going great. at week 2 i was almost clear (my acne only appears on my forehead btw). Anyway after the second week, i broke out again. Its very discouraging. Has this happened to anyone else? Should I continue the regimen? Also, I have some large lumps from my acne, will icing help this? Thanks for your help guys. -Jake
  3. Yeah, when I first realized I had acne there I kept my hair long to hide it. But in the last year I've decided that that is just going to make it worse. Ive never been much of a hat guy either so Hopefully between the Regimen and just letting my forehead breathe it'll clear up
  4. Hey guys, This is just me asking out of curiosity, but I had shaggy hair pretty much all my life up until recently. could this have caused the acne on my forehead today? I don't have any acne anywhere else on my face or body, it's just on my forehead. It just seems weird to me that having bangs for a while can do so much damage.
  5. Hey guys. I've been using the regimen for about 3 days now and I can already start to see results! the redness of the entire area has started to go away and while I still have a few zits here and there, they should be gone within a week or two if I keep this up. Thank you again for all your advice
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. I just started the regimen today. I hope it helps me out. I appreciate all the comments
  7. I have the oil-free acne wash with the microclear stuff
  8. Im thinking about starting this regimen because I have tried all sorts of prescription products. I have a neutrogena cleanser here and a proactiv moisturizer. If I get the neutrogena on the spot stuff, will those three products be sufficient for the regimen?
  9. Thanks a lot. One more question, is skinoren an over the counter thing or do I need a prescription?
  10. Hey everybody. I am 20 years old and have had acne mainly on my forehead since I was about 14. It never really used to be a huge concern to me because my hair used to cover it. I keep it shorter now and it shows more and its become pretty embarrassing and has actually gotten worse over the years. I used Proactiv for a little while but it didn't really help so my doctor prescribed me benzaclin. I've been on it for about 3 weeks and its been getting a little better but as you can see from the