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  1. Hi I am having the same exact problem and it is really starting to piss me off. I had a really good run of getting clearer with my regimen I was using but not so much anymore. I have been tracking my hormones for about 3 months and I'm seeing the same pattern you are, I breakout about day 7 of my period, and then around ovulation bam more breakouts, then about day 2 of my period I am completely clear no breakouts then a few days later breakout. It's a vicious cycle and I'm not exactly why it's h
  2. Nevermind, I found it. That was easy. I actually never have looked at logs. Now I am going to spend a crazy amount of time reading even more! lol
  3. Thats interesting, I have never read that users log or anyones log really. Can you post a link to their log? I want to read it. Thanks!!
  4. Yeah it only took about 4 months of complete diet/supplementation/skincare for me to really see an effect. But in that amount of time, I didn't get 100% clear, only 75% so hopefully in a few more months I will be 100%! I will definately keep everyone posted.
  5. Thanks. I am excited that I am on my way to clearer skin. I do breakout still but not as bad, I would have to say that my breakouts are a lot more small and tiny compared to the huge cystic mess I had. My skin is healing faster too. Yeah gotta stick with the green smoothies, I know they have to help.
  6. I have really good oral hygiene, I make sure I floss every night and brush my teeth everyday and I still have acne...I have tried tea that has roobios in it, its the republic of tea brand and its called "Get Gorgeous" I haven't drank it enough to see a difference but maybe I might try.
  7. It does sound like a cyst...I can't really see in the pics but if they are big and painful yep.
  8. yeah! I swear that can happen and does! I think it's a bit like dream supression. like when you have a built up thought on your mind all day that that thought will come into a dream that night,.. I think a similar thing can be said about acne etc. I think its a subconcious mind thing...manifesting and all that. The mind is a powerful thing, I just didn't know how powerful it was with the body. I am wondering...if you can pretty much manifest acne couldn't you manifest clear skin? I have
  9. LMFAO. We should totally have a conspiracy theory board. HAHA
  10. Yeah I feel that way too sometimes. My bf and I have been dating for 3 years now and recently I started breaking out horribly. I know he loves me and he met me when I had clear skin, but still I do get that insecure, she-has-a-pretty-clear- face-why-is-he-looking-at-her? Feeling. But I know that soon hopefully it will be all over and I can get clear again. He can't really touch my face and I know it sucks but I know he loves other parts of me despite my face. Don't worry, he loves you and thats
  11. I kinda get what your saying, I mean I grew up with acne and got clear after accutane and it was amazing how people started treating me way different. I moved because I wanted to get out of the town I lived in and be somebody else, but not because of my acne. I sometimes wish I could move again and start new, I get bored easily lol.
  12. You took accutane by yourself? I didn't know you can get it without a prescription...I took it for about 1 year and a half, and at first my skin was beautiful. Then 8 months later, I started breaking out again...but going back to accutane on your own, I had to get blood tested every month to make sure my liver and stuff was ok. I think its risky to do something like that without supervision of a doctor...anyhoo since your off of it, I would try to find other ways to cure it, naturally holistical
  13. I think you have something there...I used to have bad cystic acne, like 4 or 5 BIG nodules on my face. A few days ago, I was thinking about how I used to break out like that, and I thought in my head how I haven't had a cyst in a really long time. I then visualized what it was like with my cystic acne and what happened? The next day, literally, I woke up to 2 swollen areas that hurt, which a few days later developed into 2 cysts and right now, I am battling them and they hurt and I am freaking o
  14. I have the same thing basically, acne and hirtuism and I really haven't tried much for it. I think I will try this.Thanks!