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  1. Hey, Thanks for your Answers everybody =D !!! Finaly, my mom bought the AcneFree Kit. She said that she also read that it worked better than ProActive, but i assume it is because there is a more important amount of Benzoyle Peroxyde in it (3,7% versus 2,5%). I didn't try it yet but it's for soon, just 1 Month or so till i finish my ProActive bottles =P Again, thanks for your answers
  2. Mmm...Well i have occasionaly pimples on the face, but its mostly little scars. Light Acne on my Chest, and for a beautiful touch of uglyness, Mild-Moderate Acne in my Back. Yeah it socks =( So it all depends on the person, the age ect... Ps : GOD ! I'm so happy that the acne in my back isn't in my face !!!
  3. I can't imagine my Grandma making all sorts of gymnastic tricks to pee on her face. Thats just wrong @[email protected]

  4. Mmm, i'm not an expert with this, but it might only be because of the product used by your hairdresser. Maybe there was still a bit of soap on your neck and it blocked your pore to cause a Pimple =o ? Anyway, you should consider yourself lucky that this is your 'First Real Body Pimple'. I'm sure that if you wash correctly the soap that falls on your neck in the shower, and that you apply a Topical Gel as Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel on the pimple, it will go away during the
  5. I'm taking Diane 35 for about a month, Proactive on my face, i wash my back with Spectrogel and i apply a Topical called Stevamicin on my back =) So depending on what your doctor says, Topical plus Bcp should be fine I have still no results, buti hope it's coming soon =( !!! (My Mild-Moderate Bacne kills me !)
  6. Oh and sorry, to answer your questions, -To much Beach and Sea Salt is maybe to much each day. - Eat water LOOOTS of Water so if you go at the Beach a lot, your skin will be hydrated =) -GET SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP ! It helps =) - Change your sheets and pillowcase...Well, i do 1 time each week MAXIMUM 1 each 2 weeks. Try to get more fruits and stuff in your diet, ORANGE FRUITS =D And Orange veggyz to. It gives Vitamin C, which is very good for your skin. Sun is good but not to much. Or it will onl
  7. Hellow =D !! I'm 14, i have mild bacne when its at its worst, and very light acne in the face, nothing to worry about at my age In my other topic, somebody proposed that i use Head and Shoulders in my back. Result : IT STARTED WORKING FROM DAY 1 !! Even when i got out of the shower i could feel the difference. It doesn't hurt like it did anymore ! I'll keep up like this and post my results on my topic, but i think this could resolve your problem =) !! Frankly, it's like a miracle =3 ! Yo