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  1. Thats right folks, i was wondering how much water should be drank on a daily basis, personally i go through 2lt's a day and usually more when i'm working out. Is there any safe amount that you should not pass for fear of damage to kidney's bladder etc? Drinking water definitely helps pass the toxins accumulated throughout the day and night out of your system which can only be beneficial to the ultimate goal of clear and healthy skin.
  2. Maybe it doesn't work for you but everyones cirsumstances are individualistic so diet does affect Acne, i stopped eating chocolate, excess sugar etc and it makes a massive difference. So, guess your just stuck until your 20 man when your hormones take a backseat.
  3. With Regards to my weight gaining - Damn it's working like crazy, i've been on it just nearly a fortnight and my muscles are getting huge. Haven't even started taking whey protein yet (had no time to get it) Maybe im not as bad as a hardgainer as i thought i was, thats the only explanation i can think of. High Complex Carbs and Plenty of Protein seem to be the ticket for me.
  4. LoLoL i posted the same topic - have a read of mine there's some good answers from people on there.
  5. Wow that site has got loads! cheers for the heads up on that one, really useful
  6. Stress definitely had a big effect on my skin during exam times, i noticed more outbreaks and dryer skin - normally oily skin should have been expected but i tend to be the opposite. I've noticed breakouts in hours of getting stressed as i can link it back to a specific event, not sure whether my diet is contributing to the outbreaks but it seems that stress is the common denomonator in these events.
  7. I had the topic asking whether or not this would affect Acne breakouts and the conclusion seemed to be that it would not affect it, really appreciate all the help on that one. There seems to be a lot of people who were hardgainers and went on to gain muscle mass - so this is directed at these people; i was just wondering how much i should be eating to gain desired muscle. Obviously it's different for each person's metabolism but whats worked for the people out here? I've done research from many
  8. Wow thats defintely hardcore system cleansing Just hope the toilet can handle a flush after something like that - otherwise it could be a nasty suprise for the next one to visit. lol
  9. Like the title says im starting a new diet of high proteins and calories to put more weight on - i've reached the peak of working out without putting more weight on so now it's time to pile on the muscle mass but i am slightly concerned that such a high rapid increase like this could make my spots worse. At the minute i have controllable acne but do experience occasional LARGE spots! So you can imagine im precautious about doing this sort of thing in case of the consequences, I drink 3 litres