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  1. Thanks for the replies.....I have actually been to three different dermatologists over the past 4-5 years....all of them have prescribed various types of creams but none of them have really worked. They may have made it less inflamed some of the time but I would like something more permanent. Is there any kind of skin lightening cream or something that could lighten up the area to make it blend in more with the rest of my face?
  2. does this make the rest of your body drier, too? i have very flaky skin and worry about everything drying out the rest of my body also does any sort of sea salt work? It didn't dry me out at all...I'm sure it's different for everybody though. As far as I know any kind of sea salt works...the grocery store I went to had it in 25 ounce containers, so I'll just use one of those each time.
  3. I have had deep redness on my mustache area for years now. It's weird and I've yet to find someone that seems to have the same problem. I'll try to describe it as best I can. The middle part of my mustache, the part right under the middle part of my nose is as white as the rest of my face, but the left and right side of mustache all the way to the outside of it stays red. The redness is the same size on either side, almost to a T. It's always like that, like it's permanently a different color, n
  4. I'm new to the forum....I found this site a month or so ago and I'm so glad I did. I've had acne on my back/shoulders and chest since I was 16. I am 28 now. I've had every kind, but mainly the large cystic kind that leaves scars and dents. I have let this ruin much of my life from quitting baseball and football in high-school to missing out on the beach and swimming with my friends for my entire life. I tried everything from pills and creams and everything in-between until I just said screw it a