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  1. I've been using more moisturizer and it looks a bit better I think, still there though. My derm also has me using Aczone cream on my face at night, just thought its worth mentioning. Also off topic about this, but does accutane solve very greasy skin? will my greasy skin return once I stop accutane?
  2. I'm male and I weight 220 pounds. Is there a way to counter the dried skin? or no matter what I do, I'll continue to look like this for the duration of my accutane treatment.
  3. I'd say I have moderate acne but really oily skin, and thats why I'm taking Accutane. I'm on my 4th month and while my face isn't oily, at least not anywhere what it used to be, it produces a heavy shine. Like my nose really hasn't changed at all, still as shiny pre-accutane. It seems like I'm always sweating, at least thats what it comes across to me when I look in the mirror. When will this go away? is it normal? I really don't moisturize as I feel my skin isn't overly dry. I don't peel be
  4. I started taking 40mg a week from now and my face is still really oily, there is a constant shine/gloss and it looks disgusting out in the sun or in public in general. I'm just wondering why I don't really see a drop off in oil production on my face, my lips are starting to dry out. Could it be that I've only taken it a week and need to wait longer to see better results?
  5. I have really oily skin, and hoping this method does something for me. I started about 5 days ago and only splash water on my face in the morning and pat dry as I work in the morning. I kind of suckered up and just dealt with the oilyness at work hoping it would pay off sooner rather than later. So 5 days and my skin is still very oily, is this normal or should I just quit this regimen? I have heard some people see results after 3 days or so, but I'm not seeing much. I think the oil production m
  6. I used to have oily skin, but I had it under control for the last couple months, but just a few days ago, its gotten really bad, as bad as it was ever before. I really don't know what changed, maybe it is the heat/humidity picking up? any tips on that? My diet also wasn't the best over the last week or two, since I finished up school, but I was able to pretty much eat anything I wanted, and not have this bad of a oil breakout during the winter. Any help would greatly be appreciated. thank
  7. I was mostly clear for the last 4 months or so, still red a still a few red marks from previous acne, but all of a sudden I break out like crazy. I started using a cream my derm prescribed me for my red face, and wondering if that might of clogged my pores. Is this moderate acne since its not really big/cystic? or is this considered servere? I'm going back on the BP asap, even though I hate how red it makes my face, since my face is already red to begin with. Also, my derm asked me if I wa
  8. I'm not sure which type of laser my derm uses but he recommended it to me for my rosacea and my acne. I don't have those huge cystic zits anymore, but just recently broke out in those small red bumps on my forehead which is driving me nuts. For the most part of 4 months, my face has been pretty clear and acne free, although still red.
  9. I have had acne for around 3 years now and have been seeing this derm for almost 2, He keeps giving me the same prescriptions, which are a morning liquid soap, a day cream and a night gel. I forgot all the names but I can get them if they will help. I had another appointment with him today and told him I would like to go on accutane but he said he doesnt feel right giving it to me, says he doesnt like the side effects or something. I dont know if I should just stick with what he says or seek
  10. I am prescribed this gel, its .025/4% if anyone wants to know about that. I am just wondering if I should be using it every night or just a couple times a week, It says every night on the packaging but the reason I am asking is because I like working out in the morning. If I use this gel, I have to wash my face, apply my other stuff and whatnot. I just wanted to know because if its not needed nightly, I would workout in the morning and take a shower right after. Also, How many people use this g
  11. i just started my regimen a week ago or so and wondering if i could start using this now ?and btw, for the people in canada.. i got it at shoppers drugmart
  12. I am new here, and wondering what I should get to get started at first, should I just get the starter kit? and is AHA+ worth getting if I am just starting out? I have used a couple of products like proactiv and they have done nothing for me, I am hoping this will really help my acne, thanks in advance