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  1. that makes total sense. we live in a completely looks-obsessed culture. and wearing your "flaw" on your face makes things even worse because you simply can't hide your face. just try to remember that you are your own worst critic, and even though you have acne, you still have a million other wonderful attributes that acne can't take away from you
  2. Squared

    Anyone else have perfect body skin and horrible face skin?

    thats my current situation. i have never had any kind of body acne before, but i currently have acne on my right cheek and forehead. but for years before that (from the time i was very young to about 15) i had SEVERE atopic dermatitis all over my body, but a clear face. i can't figure out how to get a clear face at the same time i have a clear body.
  3. Squared

    Sperm fights acne?

    i have never tried this for aesthetic purposes, but i have had love juice on my face a time or two. it really irritated my skin. it left it red and itchy for a while afterwards, and i don't even have sensitive skin.