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  1. This is your partner in crime while you're on DKR. I too have tried Bare Minerals and it broke me out particularly because of the Oxychloride ingredient. EDM looked great on my face, very natural and healthy looking. It didn't cause me to breakout either. EDM has more shade selections than BM and EDM is so much more affordable. I recommend getting their custom kits, what a money saver! I'm one who can't go out the door with no makeup, but I don't want to look overdone if you know what I
  2. hey...go on youtube and search for makeup tips. here are some awesome channels to check out: fafinettex3, itsjudytime, pursebuzz there are so many more out there, but these are a few of my favorites. that's how i learned how to apply makeup a lot better! goodluck
  3. hey angel, thanks for the reply but i just had another question....how much AHA+ did you start off with and how much do you use now?
  4. So, I've used it once and I think I might have put tooooo much because my face was burning! Also, it balls up when I rub it on my face. Am I doing something wrong here?
  5. moisturizing is a key step in the regimen. it eliminates flakiness and improves your skin clarity. i recommend using dan's and olay SPF 15 for sensitive skin. read the FAQ's for more information if need be. hope this helps
  6. Let's just say that I've tried nearly everything on the market. I've tried Proactiv, Acnefree, Clean & Clear Advance Kit, you name it, I've tried it. I'm almost two months into DKR and I'm so happy. After years of acne, mine is genetics based, I can't believe what this regimen has done for my skin and most importantly, for my life. I have moderate to severe acne, and no I'm not 100% clear yet, but I'm getting there. You may experience some frustration at the beginning such as breakouts,
  7. olay SPF 15 moisturizer for sensitive skin...works better than the regimen moisturizer. i have so much of dan's moisturizer left!!!! olay SPF 15 moisturizer for sensitive skin...works better than the regimen moisturizer. i have so much of dan's moisturizer left!!!!
  8. I've also switched from two times to one time a day for BP. So far, it's been working fine! My skin also isn't as dry so I'm hoping it'll work in the long run. Plus I already need to order another BP cause I'm almost out and it's been almost two months. I probably with get the 16 oz instead of the 8 oz. Good luck
  9. well i'm on my 29th day of DKR...and i'm finally seeing results ! it's very exciting! i have a mask from the body shop...it's called the TEA TREE OIL FACE MASK (for oily/blemished skin). has anyone tried this mask???
  10. hey guys. i was just wondering if any of you tried using a face mask while on DKR? if so, did you experience any problems? sometimes i feel that the cleanser isn't cleaning my face as thorough as i want so i thought about using a mask maybe every week of every other just to get a deep cleanse. any feedback is appreciated....thanks!
  12. i go to the gym regularly, and i heard that washing your face more than three times a day isn't necessary? is this true? even after a super sweaty workout? help! how do people go about this? do they do the regimen again after they work out?
  13. Yes, I can totally relate to you. I also work at a department store and I just completed my first week on the regimen. I'm currently experiencing lots of whiteheads and some cysts but I assume they're occurring because of the purging stage. I have high hopes for great success and will continue to use this. It gets worse before it gets better, right? I'm just being patient and not waiting for any overnight miracles.
  14. hey girlie, i just wanted to share with you that BARE MINERALS broke me out as well! they have an ingredient called BIZMUTH OXIDE that can irritate those with sensitive skin. EDM doesn't contain that and im in love with it! EDM in the intensive formula is good for me because it provides good coverage over my acne. i don't use too much, especially if you're in the healing process like me, but i use enough to cover the acne. EDM stays on well with one of their finishing powders, especially if
  15. what a great thread! i just had one question. when it comes to makeup, is it ok to use it while on the DKR??? i need coverage when i go about my day but does it hinder the regimen at all??? anyone experienced any bad breakouts? please help! i just got my starter kit and used it once so far. mahalo from HAWAII