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  1. redness indents

    1. Greggg


      way better than before

  2. hey guys. been a long while. I haven't posted much due to the fact a month ago 3 of my good buddies died in a car crash...I was suppose to be with them that night but had work... ive spent some time thinking and finally have a clear head again. went to a dark place though. anyways I remembered this site. I have been still taking Accutane this whole time. side effects, very painful at time dry lips sore lower back. rash all over back of hands. depression? I don't know due to th
  3. all acne has gone down. got one new one under eye big sucker i think from drinking night before

  4. week 3 down. damn that flew by. ok so week 3 down....I didn't pop a pill yesterday because I don't have a appointment to my derm until april 3 and I started febuary 28th. so ill have 10 days without any pills or I can do every other day pop a pill...which is what im doing. this week sucked...lots of lots of breakouts ...mostly they are all gone now from me popping em but of course now I have a shit ton of red marks. yay lips on certain days will be dryer than others it seems. face a
  5. no just in home stuff. I do 100-200 push ups a day...so I mean that would cause the shoulder blade to act out. but never have been a problem. its not severe and its gone now. not a big deal really. however getting more breakouts each day. so not fun with that.
  6. day 15 only updating because I am seeing another side effect now. my right shoulder blade on my back is quite stiff and sore today. im going to stick with weekly updates but if something happens significant I will update that day...or atleast try.
  7. got a haircut today. shaved it. i had longish hair before and i hope by doing this it will help with my hair line acne/cyst.

  8. ib came in week 2. week and half to now week 2 has been bad, hopfully im done with the ib! we will see

  9. week 2 done. from Wednesday to today been getting bad breakouts. must be the "ib" lots on cheek and maaasssiivvvee cyst on chin. im lookin real sexy anyways I guess this is part of the process. hopfully next week I have better progess! we shall see I guess. Keep your head up soljas!
  10. Bliss. keep your head up. im in the same boat. lets get it done sista!
  11. week plus 3 days. little update... little break out around jaw line and mouth area. not too insane. lips a lot more dry now. skin not too bad as for dryness goes... redness from previous acne marks has gone down a tiny bit notmuch. overall meh. for everyone on Accutane or acne. like always, keep your head up soljas
  12. pain is only when i wake up...maybe sleeping on it.

  13. woke up still pain in side ...hopfully not liver