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  1. Come on, give me a kiss.

    1. Katie

      Help, please! Prom tips! D:

      green eyeshadow with a green dress would be a little too much green, lol. i'd suggest a black or brown smokey eye. you're young, keep it pretty and natural :yes: many moons ago when i went to school dances, i would go to the local mall to the lancome counter. you can always use an extra juicy tube or something, and besides that, it was free.
    2. Katie

      brazilian wax

      about 15 or 20 minutes when it's all said and done. and remember to BREATH. woah lol totally misread that... about 4 weeks for me
    3. Katie

      brazilian wax

      i've gotten many brazilians... started about 3 years ago or so. i don't get them monthly or anything, just when the spirit moves me. yes, they are painful... and they will continue to be painful, always. take 2 ibuprofen before you go and be sure to do it the week AFTER your period, pain tolerance will be the highest. i love the lady who does mine... i've been going to her since i was about 15 for my eyebrows and we just chat like old friends with the business all in the open. i thought it woul
    4. Katie

      What's your coloring?

      brown hair, hazel (green and brown and everywhere in between) eyes and with golden undertones. when i'm tan i don't get dark like olive skin does, but like golden. see my gallery if you're curious for whatever reason lol.
    5. Katie

      lets talk about products for our nails

      lol Im actually wearing that right now with a bottom coat and a top coat both by Seche Base. I havent decided if I like it yet or not. My nails are short too, almost nonexistant. My hands are small too. my hands are super small, too. long nails just look really bad for some reason.
    6. Katie

      The Official Haircare & Styling Thread

      how are you getting it cut. and pics!
    7. Katie

      lets talk about products for our nails

      I love OPI Nail Envy, but you may want to listen to these other girls who keep their nails long. I keep mine short.
    8. Katie

      The Official Haircare & Styling Thread

      i don't know how well that sally k-pak works, but the joico k-pak is a TOTAL waste of money.
    9. Katie


    10. Katie

      The Official Haircare & Styling Thread

      well, i wanted that rich red/purple color. but it was straight up PURPLE. i tried to dye my hair that red/purple color many many times. until i finally discovered it's better for my skin tone to stick with honey/caramel browns and blondes. siava, what kind of curls do you have??
    11. Katie

      The Official Haircare & Styling Thread

      i used to pay out the ass for salon quality shampoo and conditioner. but i go through conditioner so fast that i stick to dove or neutrogena or herbal essences. now the only thing i shell out the dough for is color, a few great cuts a year, and product.
    12. Katie

      The Official Haircare & Styling Thread

      i HAVE to color my hair. it used to be a nice rich brown, but has grown very mousy over the years. also, if i don't have highlights and lowlights, my hair has no dimension and looks like a big block on my head. i have some botched box job HORROR stories though. my first mistake was dying my hair "Egyptian Plum" when i was 12. You could see my bright purple head bobbing down the street a mile away.
    13. Katie

      The Official Haircare & Styling Thread

      Your hair is too beautiful to straighten. Glad you figured that out! aw thank you! i always thought people who were super attached to their hair were sort of weird (ie, What Not To Wear when they always cry). but MAN i am waaaaaaaaay attached to mine.
    14. Katie


      lol im not making this up...if their pupils get big it means they are aroused/think you are attractive lol this is true. i saw it on the discovery channel, some program about attraction.