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  1. they are a load of crap half the time they are simple things like egg powder or something
  2. So I have been using the Panoxyl products the bar, and the 5% cream but now it seems like i have more blackheads on my face and my face seems really red any suggestions?
  3. if bp is working 100% for you then why are u on this website?
  4. Bumping this because i'm really considering buying a light therapy
  5. riiiight no i just have questions about it it could be absolute crap i dunno
  6. heres the link*Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * so i have heard good stuff on this it is NOT THE APPLE DIET, but i guess if you follow this book your acne is cured many people have reveiwed it and its the real deal. So if you have tried it can you post the major steps to clear up, please!!
  7. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has become clear after using a home light therapy and if you have what did u use to wash your face? I have type 1 skin so i know light therapy will work good for me i just don't know how to wash my face.
  8. I noticed you put tree tree oil is love, and since u have the same skin as me i was wondering if it works very good at all? also thank you so much to all of you who have given me a complement it honestly helped me so much, especially when i look at myself in the mirror and want to scream. Thanks
  9. I have heard about this ebook that can cure acne in one night to 3 months, I was wondering if anyone has purchased it or has used it, and did it work? Info please. heres the site: *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *
  10. Hey since we have the same situation with our acne, i was hoping we could swap our different treatments and everything

  11. just so you all know i seen a dermatologist didn't do a whole lot at all if anything i got even worst then before
  12. i hate hate hate longer hair on guys..i love guys with a clean cut hair style with dark brown hair and when it looks like you have attempted to style it i love it, but not too spiky or u just look weird