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  1. Hmm..Remember

  2. hey dude, I was talking to this guy who I usually see walking around my neighbourhood...well anyway he's got a full head of hair...He said the best thing to do in ANY form of Hairloss is to make a "mixture" of human bodily fluids of ALL types fresh after been ejected...then proceeding to lather onto balding affected area of the head/temple...it's been proven to work for many years.

  3. I Should Be So Lucky . . . Lucky ! ! ! Lucky ! ! ! Lucky ! ! !
  4. Okay I understand...but I'm far from an idiot...ya hair won't go back to how it was no matter whatt...that's not been an idiot...that's a fact That is also not true, alopecia areata is a non scarring form of hairloss, unlike Male pattern hairloss. The follicles may be subjected to miniturization whilst the underlying process is still active, however due to the non scarring nature of diffuse AA, if the process switches off ALL hair can regrow. It sounds like you had TE not diffuse AA. TE wi
  5. Okay I understand...but I'm far from an idiot...ya hair won't go back to how it was no matter whatt...that's not been an idiot...that's a fact
  6. Thats not the point...The point is most of us had no hair loss at ALL before using accutane.Also people who come here saying we have hairloss gene, at least read before u post...Many people here suffer hair loss from every single part of their body after using accutane not just the head.. yeah true...but the POINT is it can't be fixed if that happens...ever proof is on this board
  7. How dare you Bradd you ignorant heartless fool. Morgan has posted many times in the survivor forum as have I and many others. Just because he tells a truthful story about a life altering experience with accutane, you have to shoot him down. Someone ban this fool. These are all DOCUMENTED side effects. well all them side effec ts where the same as I had when I did loadsa E DOCUMENTED Side Effects
  8. just got back from the barbers and all hair is same length once again i stopped accutane late September and had it bad and now it's back to the people just noticing the hair-loss DONT WORRY drink a nice pint of milk a day and abit of fruit and again DONT WORRY
  9. thank you for agreeing men = testostrone testostrone = baldness eventually trhe vitamin (???) in accutane overloads your liver and causes hairloss becuase of excess in your body...it either plays with your organs enough to permanantley cause damage or not.... ask max....it's all about "Karma" supposebly haha
  10. been compltetly honest here...you sound like you used to/do take alot of E...no way have you got all them side effects from tane your lying
  11. oh yeah and Karma is bullshit...why would it come back to me? for telling people to stop trying to find a solution to going bald is stupid. you said worse...."filthy gene"...you just said that people with the baldness gene are "filthy"...saying that implies that you look down on people who are bald... i think Karma already has hit you Max...that special karma person has been reading your thoughts about people with that "FILTHY GENE" baldness and decided to give you it lmao sorry but what u
  12. lol "the good thing about Max's post is, it shows the true meaning of hair envy" mate...i was on here asking for help and realised that there is nothing you can do....baldness cannot be reverased...this thread is ridiclous...you either go bald for good or you don't...npo special cream or oil is going to change that... if your hars still going max after a good 6 months...then you won't have any hair left a year...NO WAIT YOU CAN YUSE THIS SPECIAL OIL THAT YOU APPLY TWICE DAILY...IT ONLY COCTS 2
  13. Hey I was just wondering how bad is your hairline right now?My hairline has receded 2.5 inches or so on both sides. RIGHT PEOPLE NO OFFENCE BUT THIS NEEDS TO BE SAID i dont care what scientific evidence crap you all read...men GO BALD...it's a simple fact...accutane is known to cause tellogen efflivum but permamnet baldness NO dont give me scientific facts and all that sharad if your a guy and your hairs still nshedding..well accutane pushed more into you going bald quicker...simple as that
  14. why am I naive? I'm the one who's watched my own hair fall back out and then grow even though a bunch of dorks online with no hair told me it won't Stupid, Stupid...
  15. okay so I did accutane a while ago...very mild acne and I shoouldn't of been on it in the first place but listen up about the Hair-loss thingy i cba explaining the science of it but IT IS TEMPORARY mine happened in september 08...so i stopped the drug VERY quickly afterwards and was thinking about my life as I had then JUST turned 18 and noticed my hair was thin as hell and im one of these hair-cuts every 2 weeks person...I like my hbair and seeing it fall out in clumps was the scariest thi