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  1. my friend recently gave me a free proactiv kit thing. im going to try it out in a couple of days but i just wanted to see if this product worked for you guys (and girls)........so plz lemme kno how it went w/this product and ur opinions & comments. THANX
  2. ok...........4 all of ya'll who "alternate" the C&C blackhead removing scrub(2% sa), how do u guys "alternate" it?im talkin bout blotchas regimen. do u guys use ONLY the continuos control(10%BP) in the morning, then at nite use both of them the C&C BHCS and continous control, and then the NEXT day use only the continuos control in the MORINING AND at NITE? sum1 please tell me how u guys use it cuz i wanna kno....... THNX
  3. i cant talk 2 her when we get off da bus cuz we get off at different bus stops............and 2day i found out some really BAD news..........................SHES GOT A B/F......... .............but i mean, how could a gurl THAT BEUTIFUL NOT have a b/f? ...........
  4. yea ima try it this weekend and let ya'll kno if i see any results.......... i jus gotta find some basil first.........i'll post back w/results
  5. a friend of mine told me that if chop up basil into itty bitty little peices then boil it in water, and then dip a cotton ball in it and rub it all over ur face every day b4 u go to sleep it will cure ur acne. i havnt tried this myself but do u guys think it will work? have any1 of ya'll tried this b4? wat do u guys think?
  6. well im 15 yrs old im trying to somehow get her attention. im gunna give it a shot as soon as i can, but it will be very difficult cuz i sometimes get shy and lose my kool...........becuz when i talk to sum1, i keep lookin at them seein is they are lookin at my acne..........i feel so bad when ppl looks at my forehead, jus wondering wat ppl are thinking............
  7. there is this gurl on the bus that i really "like" i wanna go up and jus start a conversation w/her but i cant. see, we all have assighned seats on our bus and the bus driver will get pissed if i sit w/her. besides she sits with her sister so...... im afraid to talk to her because of my acne, i have it all over my forhead and black heads all over my nose. im a little emmbarresed to talk w/her beacuz of my acne i was jus wonderin if u guys had any suggestions on how i can get her to notice me..
  8. hey jade, i remember reading one time that while you were using blotchas regimen the SA was to harsh on you or something, and you decided to use it every other day. well could you tell me when you used it. was it like on monday the SA & BP TWICE a day(nite and day) and then on tuesday JUST the BP (nite and day) or did you use the BP only once a day or what? i really need to kno when you used it because i think the SA is also irritating my skin aswell............ THANX
  9. huh? Viper31W jus said sweat blocks pores, but then u said it helps clean them out, .......which is it? well, n-e-wayz u could jus use a sweat band thing to help u when u sweat so it doesnt get all over ur face.
  10. yea mite be a scam, but i also wanna kno if anebody has ever tried this. i would do ANYTHING if i could get my skin clear in jus THREE days..........
  11. hey guys , i was jus wondering............. about how many tubes of the C&C BHCS and the C&C continuos control thing did u guys use the FIRST week of this regimen? cuz im already on 1 week and .....ummm......... 4 days, and i've already used up most of tha bottles. so how long did it take u guys?
  12. hey guys, i wanna try this thing. but i gots a few questions, k? so i can eat whenver i want jus as long as i follow the 10min-2hr rule, rite? ok, so wat is it tho? can i drink something 1 hour after i eat or is it 2 hours after i eat? im confused....... and ummm........can i drink stuff like milk/chocolate milk, or should it jus be water? wat about coke, etc.? SRRY 4 all tha questions THANX *AF123*
  13. blotchas regimen is a GOOD one, i think that we should let as much ppl as we can to kno about it. it's jus awesome! i DONT wanna let it die, and i dont think any1 else does either (i hope )