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  1. it seems that after i put it on my face is real shiny red, is that normal?
  2. I just bought some Aloe Vera Pure, and I opened it and it wasn't a gel it was a liquid so how do I apply this? Do I wash my face with Zyporex first then apply it and leave it on? Or do I just apply the Aloe and wash it off?
  3. I live out in the country and we get our water from a well so I don't think I have to worry about city folk water
  4. Here's some pics I don't think they're pimples, you guys determine, they're RED! lol http://img395.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture012dz3.jpg http://img151.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture013nj9.jpg so if apple cider vinegar is causing it, should I stop eating apples for a week and see what happens? And if I don't wash my face, just splash it with water?
  5. When did these spots start appearing? What exactly do they look like and where are they appearing? Are they itchy, dry, flaky or are they just simply redness? I'll take some pics and post'em, it's not from shaving because I haven't shaved in a few weeks, they have always been occuring but lately it's just like red idk how to describe them, like red little canoes on my face and then red mountains, then red humps. Its justs really annoying because I have no pimples, it's just RED!! lol hold
  6. Hi, I've fought and fought an fought and I think I give up unless you guys enlightenen me. I've spend$250 on detox cleanses, followed them to the t and still Acne, natural cleansers and everything in between. I haven't had Pimples but I have these red blotches on my face that are appearing now that I cannot stand. I don't want to go back to the derm but I think I may have to get some topical treatment. I've tried the baking soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, Zyporex, Acnexus, Clearitol, and a few oth
  7. Don't even think about cutting off the anti bioitcs, I did and had disastorous results
  8. I've been to the derm, he gave me antibiotics, cleared me up fine but I have to stay out of the sun, no can do since I live on a farm so I stopped going
  9. I tried it for a month, drank all the water recommended, ate all organic fruits, everything. I didn't have enough money for another month so I gave up
  10. Well I've been doing honey masks for a week or my face has gotten redder, so don't think it's workin
  11. Well I've been doing honey masks for a week or my face has gotten redder, so don't think it's workin
  12. well my diet is nothing really bad in it "I don't think". Morning- 3-4 apples and eggs, water All throughout the day, more water, Organic Blue Corn Chips (Not Chips, CORN chips) Bananas, Strawberries on occasion, Apple cider vinegar throughout the day, For dinner usually whatever the B*tch step mom makes : D I don't have any upset stomach or anything after eating gluten bread or anything, I just thought it could be the cause of the acne. For dinner tonight we had a Sams club 16" pizza, it
  13. Well like in your signature, how do you know that you are gluten-intolerant?