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  1. This is my second course of accutane and I am just starting my 4th month (40mg). I did 60mg the first month and then switched to 40mg because of dry eyes. I don't remember having break outs this late in the game last time. Right now I am frustruated because my skin feels smooth when I go to bed and then I will wake up with a couple of new ones, ugh! Also...ladies, do you find that your skin is most stubborn around the lower half? I think my acne is highly hormonal. The upper half of my fa
  2. I am completely distraught! Here is my story... I never struggled with severe acne until my 20's. I broke out very badly on my back and face at the beginning of 2008 and decided to bite the bullet and go on accutane. I was on 60mg from June 2008-Dec 2008. My skin cleared up awesome and stayed clear for 6 months. About a month ago, I started mildly breaking out again. In the past few days, my face has exploded and I am sooo upset. However, my back is still clear. I am so upset so tonigh
  3. I am currently on month 5 and I would say that I started seeing results in month 3. Honestly, my acne was moderate to begin with and the first two months on tane, it got worse than it ever was to begin with. But now, perfectly clear skin! It was definitely worth going through a short period of isolation for the pay off. I feel like a new person so I would encourage anyone to take accutane and stick with it!!
  4. I have been on accutane (60mg) for 2 months and in the second month, I noticed that I have really dark circles under my eyes. Has anyone else experienced dark circles and is there anything to do about them besides makeup?
  5. Yeah...i would talk to your derm about being bumped up. 6 months isn't that long on 20mg and it would be unfortunate if you didn't get the full effect that is possible. I am on 60mg and the side effects have not been that bad...so don't worry:-)
  6. You are definitely on a low dosage. I am 5'6'' 108lbs and on 60mg a day and my dermatologist seems to think that this is a relatively modest dose. Your derm may be planning to have you take 20 mg for a longer period of time. Has he/se mentioned how long your course will be. The cumulative mg's per kg of your weight is what they ultimately look at.
  7. You do look Great!!! Congrats and hope it continues uphill from here :) Im just starting month two on my second course of tane But on my first course of 20 mg/day, my third month was good -- things were improving continuously with minor blemishes here and there. The dryness was a bit more though Can u tell us how severe you acne was to start with and what dose you're on?? Good luck with the remainder of ur course :) Thank you! I am on 60mg a day (5'6'', 108lbs). My acne was never
  8. I am on day 56 and am nervous about breaking out again. I feel like I touch my skin a lot now because I am paranoid that it won't stay clear. I want to be home free! What experiences/side effects did people have in their third month?
  9. They are similar but Polysporin is dermatologist reccommended so I go with that. I also heard someone say that they broke out using neosporin but not polysporin...
  10. I don't know if I would apply it to the entire face...I would be worry about clogging as well. I use just a tiny bit and dab it directly on the spot...maybe try that!?
  11. Just wanted to pass along some info... Since starting accutane, my skin takes longer to heal and is much more susceptible to redmarks. Despite the warnings, there are always times when we can't resist squeezing (we know we all do it!) Anyway, try not to pick but if you do, immediately dab on some polysporin. This has helped me so much. I dab on a little at night and in the morning, the redness and inflammtion is significantly reduced. HAs anyone else done this?
  12. Ok...thank you for the info! I am wearing makeup...I still have redmarks left but they are easily covered with light foundation.
  13. I will keep my fingers crossed that I'm through the rough stuff! And thank you very much....that's so sweet:-)
  14. I'm sure it's still working, maybe just not to it's maximum power. I'm not sure about fish oil...I use peanut butter because I love it anyway but I'm sure fish oil works too. Any nut or olive oil is also good. I also frequent the Haagen Dazs:-)
  15. I am just about to start the third month and a few days ago, I saw a change for the better. This picture was taken yesterday (day 52). I go to the dermatologist tomorrow and I'm wondering if he is going to change my dosage. Im currently on 60mg a day and I'm 5'6'',108 lbs. If he ups it, do you think that I will get another break out and also what is the liklihood that I will break out again in month 3?