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  1. It's a very simple natural cleanser...has 2 ingredients. Like I said love it in the summer, not so much in the winter.
  2. Yes!! I have some moisturizing oil, GREAT TIP!!!! Thanks
  3. I did notice it made me extra oily, I wish i knew what irritated my skin in that cleanser. But there is so much crap in the ingredients, there is no way to tell.
  4. I love my cleanser in the summer, but it's Waaaay too drying in the winter. I need to find a good balanced cleanser. But it seems i'm stuck with this one.
  5. Just curious...has anyone had an issue like this with body shop tea tree cleanser??
  6. I switched cleansers and broke out really, really bad. Zits everywhere!!! all over my upper lip,neck, cheeks, forehead, and chin. I switched back to my old cleanser and I can already see an improvement. Why do I do this to myself?!! I've used Natures beauty cleansing bar for the last 3 years and have been mostly clear. I switched to The body shop tea tree cleanser and within a month....tiny zits, and Big cysts everywhere!! FML!!
  7. ~Tiny~

    Thanks !! :)

  8. AKL

    Happy birthday! :D

  9. I just thought I would let you guys know, that my skin is clear again. I found that it was my cleanser and my body detoxing or adjusting to my diet change. I'm now at 2 months Vegetarian
  10. Congratulations on your weight loss!! that's awesome!! I would go and see a Derm...maybe they could recommend something for you to reduce the look of your scars.
  11. I have to be honest though, the reviews on the org are freaking me out!! I'm not sure if I wanna chance it
  12. In the fine print it says that if I pay with a check or money order, they'll bill me instead of charging a card. I'm gonna go about it that way. Thanks dudes!!
  13. Well, i'm happy with my cleanser in the summer, but the winter not so much. It's way to drying. So yeah! maybe I will give it a try again.
  14. The last time I used proactive was about 5 years ago. So I guess for the price it's worth giving it a try...right?