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  1. oh, that's so frustrating that your allergist didn't believe you! after i stopped eating gluten i went to my doctor and i was nervous to tell him - i was afraid that i'd look like a hypochondriac and be told to start eating wheat again because it was good for me. luckily, my doctor just asked if i felt better and when i said YES he said: thats all that matters (which is what my doctor friend told me; he's a clever med student, ha ha). my dr. was particularly interested that my skin had cleared u
  2. hey jean, a couple of things about testing and gluten intolerance. an intolerance is different from an allergy. allergies provoke an overreaction from your body in order to fight whatever the intruder is. intolerances are an under-reaction, that is, your body simply gives up trying to deal with the intruder. conventional allergy scratch tests aren't reliable when looking for gluten intolerance. blood tests, genetic testing (celiac sprue comes from a gene) and in extreme cases intestinal bio
  3. wow! what a difference, congratulations on your success. if you don't mind me asking, what made you decide to try a holistic approach as opposed to medication? i ask because, when i first struggled with adult acne, my reaction was to go to the doctor. it wasn't until i tried a couple of prescriptions with only limited results that i realized that for me, the medication would never work until i figured out why i was getting acne. it was an uncharacteristically bad breakout that made me realize
  4. i completely believe the detox theory. i went gluten free and my skin looked fan-tab-ulous right away. then, about 2 weeks later, BOOM! huge, ugly breakout ... and the breakouts were pretty constant for about 6 months. since i have gluten intolerance, straying from the new diet wasn't an option, so it forced me to stick with the gluten free food... and the breakouts did slow down. as of now, i haven't had any new acne in about 4 weeks (though i'd consider myself acne free since nov, in dec i ha
  5. Sorry to hear that the peel made you break out - about a month back I had a similar experience. I bought a glycolic peel from Avon and was going to use it on my red spots.... but something told me to test it first... I'm sooooo glad that I did because I had a breakout on that one part of my face where I used the peel. So it was a total bust... and waste of $30!! At first I had thought the peel was pulling all sorts of nastiness out of my skin, but then I looked at the ingredient list and no
  6. I appreciate that Britney Spears pic... in fact, I think there's a thread on these boards with celebrity acne pictures... I know that I shouldn't be comforted by someone else's battle with acne because I personally know how awful it can be... but I am comforted! I mean, I KNOW that they're air-brushed like crazy in magazines, and I KNOW they have 'teams' to put them together... but its just nice to see evidence that they have regular people problems too - ya know? Anyway, thanks for that p
  7. Hi If you ate pumpkin pie, the crust likely was made from wheat flour - - which is loaded with gluten. Also, if it was a store bought pie, then the filling could have had wheat starch as a filler... Gluten is a sneaky bugger, its hidden in A LOT of foods that you wouldn't even imagine. Go here for a complete list of all of the food additives that contain gluten and good luck with your label reading! Ultraviolet PS I've found that putting raw lemon juice on red marks is good for reducing
  8. Just turned 27, I've been dealing with acne for about 5 years I had perfect skin before that.. an extremely stressful event triggered pre-celiac gluten intolerance which also caused my acne. I just figured all that out and now the acne is on the mend
  9. This is an excellent question - I'd also say try it and see what happens. I'm lactose intolerant and I stopped drinking the lactose free milk simply because I still reacted to it (not acne, indigestion!)... I drink almond 'milk' now and I prefer it. Not sure where you are from, but 'Almond Breeze' is great - chocolate, natural, and vanilla flavours and they all have a milk texture! - you can find it in Loblaws grocery stores in Canada.
  10. Its tough for me to say if you are 'past the point of no return'. My personal experience was finding out that I was gluten intolerant (incidentally, I wasn't tested. My doc said: if you feel better with the diet, stay with it!!) and noticing a direct link between breakouts and eating gluten. Its been 3 months since I went gluten free, and my skin is still clearing. I had a pretty bad detox breakout too... I suppose that that moral of the story is that, no matter what you try, acne takes t
  11. I voted for diet! Gluten is poison to me But happily, I figured it out before I wrecked my skin and my intestine more! If I could have voted for another option, I'd say 'leaving it alone' has certainly helped the healing process! I wash my face twice a day with water...that's it. No cleansers for almost 3 months and I'm certainly not breaking out more, I would say that my skin is healing much more quickly than if I'd been using anything topical. However, I have to acknowledge that I work fr
  12. The short answer is go for blood tests or a intestine biopsy. The long answer is that gluten intolerance (the forerunner to celiac disease) is difficult to diagnose. Even with people who are presenting a host of symptoms, stopped eating gluten and felt the symptoms disappear, often will have negative test results. Acne alone isn't a good indicator of gluten intolerance. You have to be experiencing other symptoms as well... follow this link for more info: Symptoms One last thing: I
  13. Like roxy said, no worries unless you are gluten intolerant... I am, so that bread would have my digestive system tied up in knots, along with a face full of acne. However, if you are limiting gluten intake and trying to eat a more balanced diet, than as I said, that's a good organic bread without preservatives.... go for it. In answer to your question, gluten is a toughie because its not listed on ingredient lists as 'gluten'. Only sometimes do manufacturers specify "gluten". It can actual
  14. This is a great organic bread (mot many preservatives!) but if you're cutting out gluten you need to try something else. Keep in mind that gluten is a protein found in barley, wheat, oats and rye... look again at the ingredients: *Organic Sprouted Wheat, *Organic Sprouted Barley, *Organic Sprouted Millet, Malted Barley, *Organic Sprouted Lentils, *Organic Sprouted Soybeans, *Organic Spelt, Filtered Water, Fresh Yeast, Sea Salt. *Organically grown and processed in accordance with the California