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  1. i don't know if i want to even say it because i think i may jinx it... my skin has never looked this good on any regimen... i think i may be clear after just these first two weeks even.... i think all my skin needed was a little patience and tlc
  2. just an update, i've got my products acne wash mandelic acid 8% toner acne med 2.5% spf canberry cream no improvements yet, but it hasn't even been a week... man i'm excited not to have to worry about acne anymore!
  3. hey willow- just wondering how long do the products last you? its so expensive...
  4. hey willow! i just started face reality and should be getting my kit (the one that tests for sensitivity) in the mail any day now- glad to join the club of face reality!!
  5. why are you thinking of switching to the baby brush method? and yeah- will you post the link to the cloth please? and how long did it take you to clear? did you have an initial breakout?
  6. pdbq

    Water Only

    how long should you wait before you decide it's not working for you?
  7. i think you shouldn't moisturize. the whole point is that the skin is figuring out how to fix itself without topicals. you may be dry for a day or two, but your skin will adjust
  8. my face has gotten dry- i feel like this may be good! when i swipe my hand over my forehead, all of the pores' crumblies fall out. this seems promising, fingers crossed
  9. i walked along the train tracks today and picked up a dead dog carcass so i thought it'd be best to use soap. it'd be stupid to get some disease just for the sake of some acne regimen. so i used soap on my hair and legs by face looks pretty bad. little red bumps, clogged pores, and whiteheads. its oddly really red and inflamed too. huh. how's everyone doing with this?
  10. hackattack- how are you doing with this? i'm like three weeks in maybe? and i still have little pimples everywhere and my forehead is COVERED in whiteheads. a few are coming to a head even. does this mean it isn't working for me since these are clogged pores? does that mean i need to exfoliate or if i ride it out my body will eventually unclog them for me? just to clarify, i'm not using ANY products at all. no deodorant, no shampoo, no cleansers, no moisturizers, nothing at all. i wash my hand
  11. i'm trying this out too, actually more based on parker's trial of it last year (http://www.acne.org/messageboard/rid-acne-good-t203220.html&hl=parker) isn't it funny how their are waves of people trying the same things to cure acne simultaneously? i was trying out that b5 thing a couple of months ago (was very expensive and didn't work at all, even at 15 grams) and now it seems everyone's on to not washing/water only and it's just funny... as far as progress, i'm on my second week maybe an
  12. i have been on b5 for about 3 1/2 months. i was on 10 grams for a while and then about 2 or 3 wks ago i upped it to 14 i don't think it has done anything i am still zitty and still oily. maybe i'm one of the few who it doesn't work for? this sucks i've spent so much money and hope on this i'm really thinking of giving up...
  13. won't the polysporin clogg the pores? also won't the sticky of the bandaid hurt skin? esp if there are pimples around the big cyst?
  14. i've been on b5 for over a month now, and i am getting/currently have these little pimples all over my face- like whiteheads but red. what are these? is this common? i'm really getting frustrated especially when it seems like everyone clears after 1-2 wks grrr
  15. if b5 is destroyed by heat does that mean i can't ingest it with anything warm/hot? and if not how much tim should i wait before having a tea or something?