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  1. You will have to wait until your blood results come back, it should only take about a week, probably even quicker if you're going private. Good luck with your Accutane journey!!! <3
  2. Hey guys, I did a 50% TCA peel a few days ago in an attempt to get rid of some stretch marks. I've actually got a few blisters now and it's really painful. Has anyone ever experienced this before? I'm a little worried it might scar :\
  3. SClippers, I'm also very active and high impact sports are now almost impossible for me... Did you have pain prior to your supplements and what supplements do you take?
  4. Thanks for your reply guys... We are all too young to be feeling like this - it sucks! I just want my normal life back... Before acne, before accutane... Its great to hear that the pain has subsided in some of you... I hate this...I'm going to see my GP about it, I hope it all goes well for you guys + gals <3
  5. Hey guys! I finished my 5 month course of Accutane about 2 weeks ago. I'm pleased with the results, but I'm worried about the joint pain and muscle stiffness. I feel like a 90 year old woman My dermatologist said that the pain should dissipate once I have stopped taking the medication. Does anyone know when the pain will start to fade? I don't want to be complaining for the rest of my life
  6. Chapstick is ok for people with the usual dry lip, but to beat Accutane dryness, Carmex is the best. I used it throughout my course of Accutane and it helped so much with the dryness. It lasts for ages too - on the lips and in the tub. Good luck
  7. Ramones, have you still got it on your back after 5 months?? I have! ='(
  8. I have just started my 4th (and from what the nurse tells me, final) month of Accutane now. My current dose is 60mg and my skin has cleared up massively, but I still have those painful bumps here and there - and still get the horrible hormonal breakouts. I'm worried that when I see the dermatologist for my final review next month, they will tell me that there is no need to carry on with the medication. I know that in given time, Accutane can work wonders, and I want to see those results on my sk
  9. I have also tried chemical peels, they help with the marks but nothing for the spots =( My last resort is now Accutane. I am waiting for the bloodwork to be completed so that I can start my course. But what if it all comes back..? ='(
  10. Believe me, if I could stay home for 4-5 months I'd be the happiest girl alive right now... I feel so ashamed to show my face... It was only today my grandad said "what are all these bumps still doing on your face?". I hope I get accutane... But is that gonna fix the "real" problem? I think there is some other issue inside my body that really needs to be uncovered. I hope the derm can help me with this... My face really hurts. It just hurts to be in this state right now =(
  11. I really wanna know too... I'm scared that if I go on accutane, get cured, and come off it, the acne will all come back and make me feel completely hopeless...
  12. Jumpstart, I have tried honey before, it made my face even itchier! But I have bought some jojoba oil which I hope will help...
  13. I have the bumpy under-skin type ones... They decide to form into whiteheads at the most random times. And I have massive cysts along my jawline... As if that wasn't painful enough, my whole face just ITCHES like HELL. I don't touch it coz I know that bacteria from the nails will make it worse, but DAMN this is killing me... I don't understand why this acne itches so bad...
  14. Thanks Kaz... I try and change my pillow case as much as possible... I'm worried that there is an underlying problem that needs to be fixed rather than just covering the acne up with temporary solutions... Hopefully my derm and I will work this out when I visit next month. I just hate life atm. I can't even talk to guys anymore... I avoid any situation where I have to speak to a guy... And I turn them down when they offer to take me out etc. Fuck this. I've fucking had enough. It is now worse th
  15. Thank you so much Surge... Yeah its getting really bad now... I have stopped taking any antibiotics and I have just started breaking out like crazy ='( I really hope the derm can help me, I don't wanna live with a painful face no moreee =(