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  1. .... i do a lot of camping and roughing it in places where i can't always cleanse and wash with water before applying BP, if thats the question? I bring along a paket of cleansing wipes (like the Biore or Oxy ones) and use them to clean my face and hands with before applying the BP. No water needed, I've done this in my tent at many a festival where there is no running water. Long term not as good as the usual regimen, but does the job for me when there isn't another option. Will use another
  2. dear oh dear, reading this thread has made me teary. cuddles, feeling wanted, good sex, and having someone to spoil. lonlieness sucks balls.
  3. hey buddy, I use the bi-carb exfoiliator trick to get my make-up off on the odd occasion i wear it. Pour a couple of tablespoons of bi-carb into your palm and add a squirt of cleanser, then just mix her up. Gently rubbing this over my face for a minute or two before rinsing seems to get all my make up off well. And yes, thank christ the hawks beat geelong!
  4. I cut the bottles in half too, just need to use some good scissors! x
  5. The ones that have stuck in my head were... Some random lady on a busy street grabbed my on the street by the arm, and quite firmly mind you, she wasn't letting go. Then proceeded to tell me i needed to put VEGEMITE on my face twice a day, wrote it down for me and everything, she was very loud and pushy and i was just to stunned to tell her where to go. A man outside a cafe once actually got up from his table, followed me down the street (as i sped up) calling out "cactus! have y
  6. i had one of those nasty nasty cysts on my tailbone when i was a teenager. The hole left after the surgery was so impressive the doc brought his mates in to see it! Now that was a whole different ball game to a big zit on my butt, it's called a pylinidal sinus or something or rather, Terrible stuff. Pity the scars in a rather inappropriate place to show off!
  7. Any chance you could please tell me what the benefits are? just curious.... and do you get the same from eating it? I use lots of it in cooking, love the stuff.... thanks.
  8. My two cents..... I started doing this (using an electric) once every two days, about two weeks ago. Thanks to DKR i had no active acne, but still lots of big red marks and patchy skin tone. This really does seem to be doing my skin some good. The pores on my nose do seem less clogged and obvious, and overall my skin tone is much more even, those marks seem to be fading! Must be something in that increased circulation maybe?! I think that my skin much prefers me using this method ins
  9. yep, any juice you are making from fresh produce should be stored in the fridge.. x
  10. jus saying ..... ye hah, love a boy with long hair, good work on getting it nice! x
  11. I got mine sent all the way down here to australia... Go to the "store" page and click on shipping information, i think there is some countries that can't be shipped to, check it out. xx
  12. can relate, my mood swings can be ridiculous.... I spent two hours in a hospital waiting room this morning, which technically should make me (or most people) grumpy. But I was cheery, chatting to people, in a good mood and getting some smiles to pass the time, all well. After i had finally seen the doc i walked outside and just missed a tram, no big deal, but all of a sudden I'm pretty much in tears at the tram stop. mental. find myself being dumb like this a bit lately. go f
  13. I went suprisingly clear in my first week, then in week two had a bit of a breakout, but certainly not any worse than before i started. For the first month my skin went up and down a bit. Think I'm on week eleven now, and happy as larry. Week two is early days yet, i wouldn't panic. It takes time.
  14. wow, me too. Never heard anyone else say it. Thought I was just mad, cheers!