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  1. any one knows a good toner (oil free) which can be used on acne prone skin?
  2. yeah i used to get a lot of heat rush in my back, try Advantan Cream and it works miracles in just one night
  3. would you recommended for oily skin? and nowadays what moisturizer do you use?
  4. ok, so after wipeing the lemons all over ur face i should leave it on and NOT wash it off because that will have the maximum effect, right? and umm .....about after how long should i apply the moisterizer AFTER wipeing the lemon all over my face?.....and can it be any other moisterizer or does it have to be Eucerin?
  5. Does anyone use this product? What do you think of it? What other moisturizers with AHA do you recommend (other than Eucerin)?
  6. Well a lot of people tell you not to pop pimples because it gets worse, well from my experience I say it aint true. If you leave the white stuff when you first see it bacteria in it keeps multiplying it, causing the area to become very red and painful. When I usually see a pimple I just pop it till all the white stuff comes out (so you would remove any possibility that it starts regrowing), then the day after all that remains is some redness which eventually goes away faster than if you would h
  7. I used toothpaste but it has 2 drawbacks: 1. u can use it if you have resistant skin 2. this is not a way to prevent new spots from groing it just burns the current pimples from your face to keep the pimples at pay use sacylic acid and benzoyl peroxide
  8. Never heard of the toothpaste method. But I do agree with you putting hot water (well not too hot to kill your skin) can speed up the process, because it does bring the pus or crap whatever you call them to the surface of the skin. The only reason the cyst forms is because of the pus underneath the skin is infected with bacteria. Now this mean in order for it to go away quicker or faster is to bring them out. I dont really suggest using needles to poke at it or squeezing, because you might hurt
  9. yes you are right, but a good washer would be one that cleans the face and keep the enough oil on the skin, because oil IS helpful on the skin, and it isn't the cause of acne, clogged pores is the cause of acne
  10. actually what I do is first put a dab of toothpaste on it, then in the morning I soak a facecloth in hot water and put it on the pimple then just touch the pimple with a sterilised needle and gently push the white liquid out, your pimple will be gone completely or if it doesn't put toothpaste on it again before going to sleep and it'll be gone this method works perfect for me but it's not the same for everyone
  11. actually I did some research on goverment medical websites (reliable sources) and found that Proctiv Toner contains Glycolic Acid and Eucerin Renewal contains Lactic Acid which are both the same thing AHA (Alpha Hydroxy) They are just different variations which do the same thing. Here's the Source: To find out if a cosmetic contains an AHA, look on the list of ingredients all cosmetics must, by law, have on their outer packaging. AHA ingredients may be listed as: * glycolic acid * la
  12. Actually BP itself is not very againts bleakheads, you should be basing more on a SA product, like Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub, and also a strong exfoliator like Alpha Hydroxy (AHA), found in products like Eucerin Renewal or Proactiv Toner
  13. actually I'm basically using a same regimen as you but no glycolic acid, I thought that the AHA in Eucerin would help fade my red marks or am I wrong